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Last December, the first "Marriage Celebration Service" introduced national standards, wedding service industries related to service quality and standards do qualify, such as audio and video products wedding wedding photo studio all the raw data to be delivered to the customer, the first standardized sample wedding contracts , the wedding hosts holder to posts and so on. One year since the major studio Zhongshan whether new regulations to comply with national standards, the public reaction and how? Press survey found that the implementation of the national standard wedding a year ago, Zhongshan majority of the industry reshuffle is expected in the wedding photography industry is not happening. Bland wedding market is developing, large and small wedding photo studio almost all the national standard "overhead" to continue with the original additional cost, full deposit, and so the "hidden rules." The wedding industry people look forward to this change, to achieve "marriage according to his own shots," the desire to eventually become empty. Counsel reminded the national standard is just a wedding industry standard, consumers are not their own interests to avoid losses, have to rely on to improve their legal awareness, the use of legal process in the consumer to defend their legitimate rights and interests. National standard for the wedding of cold studio With the growing wedding market booming, Zhongshan, and the wedding is closely related to the wedding photography industry also began a new development, a sharp increase in the number of large-scale studio, personalized photo studios everywhere. This reporter recently interviewed found that although the end of the season for the wedding photography industry, but the institute's first wedding GB, only the sudden emergence of the studio began to try, do not buy most of the studio. West, a photo studio in the Sun, the journalists were asked to their wedding-related work in series, the staff is very kind enough to press was introduced. But when a reporter asked, shooting into the register system will be set outside the negatives photos taken with the dials, the store staff said sets of photos taken outside the department must be in accordance with a purchase price of 40 yuan. GB clear that the wedding service when the delivery of audio and video products to the wedding, including film, video, digital data, etc., be delivered to customers all the original data. But the reporter then visited several other studio, the film is all about the return of the problem, almost every studio have given a negative answer. This means that the wedding photo studio industry, the national standard directly sidelined in Zhongshan, the studio is still the national standard implementation of additional charges before the "hidden rules." In the interview, the national standard has been in place new regulations a year, an informed official said many of the studio, but why they refused to implement? Lin, then an industry source tells the why, "There are not related Zhongshan regulators, the new national standard and not a law, the studio chosen to avoid the high profits, of course. "reporter also learned that the majority of studio sets of lines in the photographic film is still outside the charges, the price of 20-50 dollars / month. Color color, Cupid and some other studio has also told reporters that the new national standard wedding activities wedding day only to matters relating to production constraints, and the studio has nothing to do. Zhao Jimin Paul Law Firm, Guangdong, said that the film carrier of image rights as a consumer, photographic agencies can not be used for commercial purposes without permission. As for the film outside of consumer package charges, Zhao Jimin suggested consumers and studio contracts signed, the price can be negotiated to do the film written agreement to prevent future disputes. Appropriate implementation of studio Well, now wedding photography industry in Zhongshan, if the operator perform the wedding the new national standard? Reporter visited the learned, some just started, the smaller studio or photography studio, in the regular sets in a foreign attempt to "send the whole film" in series, the implementation of appropriate national standard wedding. Dragon Street in a photo studio, the reporter saw, whether it is shooting for the city or province attractions shooting spots, which were launched "Shooting is a FREE all night recording the original digital negative file" of the new terms. General settings with different studio, photo studio and flexible operation in the process, the corresponding sets of lines at different price points in addition to shooting the dress, the number of different albums, recording the number of films are different. Reporters in a company called "Karma" to see the photographic studio, the 2,688 yuan photographic film sets of lines corresponding to the number of 80 shooting, and 3699 yuan in series increased to 100. In other words, the film's costs are included in the price of photo sets of lines, no additional charge. Photography studio for this new approach, the industry was mixed. Most do not agree with this studio, "Wedding photography is an art work, our creative staff of each picture taken a lot of effort to pay, and to make customer satisfaction, we will take a lot of film allowed the selection, but These are a cost. "But there are also optimistic about this phenomenon studio, Sagittarius photography agencies said relevant, transparent, clear of charges is more conducive to the development of industry standards, the future of wedding photography, Zhongshan North Korea that would direction. Fish in all kinds of promotions According to statistics, China is entering a new peak of wedding, the annual number of marriages is about 18 to 20 million, of which urban married couples 20% of the total, that is, the domestic wedding market of up to several thousand per year billion of output value. Cake is also a huge market for the major studio style all their own, Zhongshan, promotions Qi battle, names of many shades. "Universal Studios theme color color photography in China", "force the city to spike unlimited", "color-color Christmas Carnival Carnival event" ... ... only from the Zhongshan-color press and color wedding photography to understand that recently the introduction of a variety of special offers, promotions Publicity range. Reporter View related activities and found numerous promotional activities are often full of "free", "hot", "buy", "spike" and other temptations words to attract the attention of consumers. Meanwhile, most of the claimed "super high-end ultra low-cost," "the history of the lowest," "offer an unprecedented" campaign, but rarely mentioned in the publicity of detailed terms of consumption. "At present, the wedding photography industry's marketing campaign in its early stages, there are fish in the phenomenon." Industry, told reporters. Reporter then interviewed found that the studio will be much more than put in promotional efforts, from the store to buy spike shows, marketing types and different forms, but has hidden a lot of sweet trap. Guo elderly aunt brought home a wedding photography company launched "free" filming activities, full of anger and disappointment. Fu for free and into the Western Road to the "romantic sunset wedding photography shop," and finally was delivered to 1,300 yuan to purchase additional film, frames, etc., but Guo was not so depressed aunt stop. Two weeks later when she arrived at the agreed date of photo shop, surprised to find the original "romantic sunset wedding photography shop," were missing, and now the shops have closed the door, empty. Guo aunt said she was looking for security coordination and found that the store has been removed, the costs paid by Guo aunt and photos have no way to recover. Counsel pointed out that the probability of the current disputes wedding photography is relatively large, in the filming, many of the details should be written down in the form of contracts, rights and responsibilities between the two sides, agreed clarification of the details of the order in which the force of law to avoid the risks and disputes. Have to rely on law enforcement to resolve consumer Spending a lot of new people in the wedding photography, he will encounter some terms of the King, make-up is extra, dress fare, film the other terms, the full deposit, and so hard to prevent consumers spending traps. GB wedding last year after the introduction of new regulations related to service a lot of people gave its high expectations, hoping to change the wedding industry has long retained the "King terms." One year later, reporters found that the relevant "hidden rules" continue to exist peacefully, many say this studio. Stipulated in national standard wedding, wedding services in all services, must be clearly marked. In this regard, Mr. Zhang was with the experience that, "blatantly" in the studio in a luxury, "mandatory spending" is normal behavior. Zhang Carolina wedding photography shop in a 9,988 yuan of the package film, although the package contains a makeup costs, but Mr. Zhang in the shooting but was repeatedly told, must pay the cost of cosmetics, the final total of the additional consumption of 300 yuan. Reporter found that many studio at the time of payment and not inform consumers to the late "hidden spending," but during the shoot clever names such as fake eyelashes set, powder puff, essence and so force the consumer to buy. GB year of implementation, many people complained about this phenomenon has not been reduced. Zhao Jimin said the wedding is just one of the recommended national standard of industry standards, not legally binding and enforceable only by the business discipline. However, the make-up fee for the package agreed upon, he said no agreement in the case, make-up should include all expenditures during the shooting. Should the studio forced consumption of the phenomena occur, consumers can CC, arbitration, litigation and other means to protect their legal rights. Be careful! Illegal "full deposit" Wedding national standard, when implemented, gives the "wedding service contract" demonstration of the text, which includes the wedding service contract format and content, and clear in the contract Party A and Party B is responsible. Even so, a lot of wedding photography of the new find, a little attention, it will be tricky, the store deliberately set against. April of this year, Miss Lin, who lives with Mr. Siu Lam Siu Lam color color Studios Paris wedding of 4,000 yuan a selected set of system, the store clerk informed the lump sum fee, free BB passport, decorated floats, four-bed sets, photography, Gold and other diverse gifts. Subsequently, Miss Lin paid all fees in exchange for a store issued a "reservation list", book one in advance in writing will be 4,000 yuan deposit. Before shooting, Ms. Lin, for some reason wish to cancel the shooting, but was 4,000 yuan shop refused to refund the deposit. Reporter then interviewed several other studio found that the current common practice in the industry generally sets of customers to book a one-time payment when the payment system. The delivery of money, the studio and will not normally specified in the contract details the rights of content consumers, while also more money to be businessmen as a "down payment" deal. In response, lawyers said, according to "security law", the contract amount of the deposit amount shall not exceed 20% of the subject, the studio will be charged the full amount as deposit, and the law does not match, cancel the contract if the consumer is entitled to recover 20% other than money.
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