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First China store network marketing wedding photography Forum

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July 30, 2010, the first China store network marketing wedding photography Forum held in Beijing. DM marketing agency, general manager of network integration, Tsinghua University, president of the Foundation of the teacher class online marketing experts invited to attend the Summit, and students interact. The picture shows the first China store network marketing wedding photography Forum guests, from left to right: Yindong Hong, Feng total, WAY Han Xiangming, Luo Tao, Zhang-bound According to China Internet Network Information Center All the latest statistics, about 420 million Chinese Internet users are in rural areas accounted for more than 120 million Internet users. With the wide spread of the Internet, information technology industry, rising again, making the next round of network marketing has become a marketing tool! Gates said: "the 21st century, or e-commerce, business or no business can be." Here is the e-commerce refers to online marketing. E-commerce in the first decade of the 21st century, with lightning speed swept all walks of life, marketing, network marketing has become one of the main growth of the Chinese wedding photography shop to carry out network marketing industry is also growing. In 2000, the wedding photography shop began to explore digital photography, when the industry there are many different views of "crying wolf", when many practitioners will replace the traditional disdain for digital, but it turns out that after 2004 China will difficult to find traditional film wedding photography shop, this is the wedding photography industry in technology development shop in the first revolution. Now, the second wolf again, the traditional wedding photography shop network marketing will be replaced, it is an indisputable fact that network marketing is not the future, but now! More and more people realize that wedding photography shop in the network marketing wedding photography shop in the future development of the important position, light, portable finger DM network media and integrated marketing agency, China hosted the first black light and other wedding Photo Shop Internet Marketing Forum, is designed to promote wedding photography shop standardization of business processes, and promote healthy wedding photography shop industry flourish. The Summit brings together the DM network of integrated marketing agency, Netease, black light, fingertip media, hi industry, and other experts in network marketing companies, network marketing shop for wedding photography in the process of building and development experience issues such as: how practitioners learn the operations of industry-leading enterprise model and successful experience in how to improve the quality of their own wedding photography shop, and establishing their own enterprises such as service standards and technical standards and guidance for doubts. China Electronic Commerce Association PCEM Network Research Center of Integrated Marketing, DM marketing agency, general manager of network integration, Eric Best New marketing experts, best-selling book "network of integrated marketing arsenal" of the Foundation of the professional teacher has won the excellent speech and the presence of experts warm applause from the students, answering student questions in an interactive punch line, he even out, is to make the atmosphere more active. July 31, the first China store network marketing wedding photography Forum concluded, came from all over the country nearly a hundred wedding photography shop owners and elite networks in a memorable two days after parting with partners, with rewarding the rich spiritual food. DM marketing agency, general manager of network integration, said the Foundation of the teacher: Internet marketing will be the wedding industry, wedding photography store important means of marketing communication, the secret of success is half a step earlier than others.
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