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Wedding Tourism in Guilin has many elements to create the "marriage capital"

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"2011 to Guilin to get married!" Recently, Guilin "Chinese landscape wedding," the organizing committee to issue such an invitation to the world, and soon attracted many young country and the world's attention. In the choice of the unique scenery and pleasant weather, beautiful and romantic city has become a trend for weddings at the same time, Guilin is also becoming more and more young people in mind "marriage capital." Married yet available cities in China Xin Xiao large travel agencies in Taiwan total bit busy recently because he is organizing a wedding tour, held in Guilin early next year to participate in the "Chinese landscape wedding" activities. Sent out immediately after the news caused a sensation in Taiwan, not long, has 80 couples registration. In recent years, more and more new people in selected tourist city wedding photography, wedding, or the honeymoon. Guilin, for example, in 2009, some 28 million couples get married or honeymoon here. Among them, some from the mainland, and some from Hong Kong, Macao regions, as well as from across the Atlantic ... ... "Chinese landscape wedding," organizing committee, said Yang Jun, marriage in many countries in the world cities, such as Italy, Verona, Cologne, Germany, South Korea's Jeju Island, Athens, Greece, France, Provence ... ... States city attracts many married couples go there for weddings, honeymoons. According to statistics, the world's married accommodation was the city's annual average of 200 million couples, the output value of more than 100 billion yuan. China is the most important country of marriage, not only the number of marriages in the world, consumption of marriage came in the world. According to Ministry of Civil Affairs statistics, in 2009 a daily average of 32,877 pairs of couples married. The face of so many of the married population and the huge consumer market of marriage, is regrettable that China has yet to marry one of their own city. Guilin Tourism has many elements of the wedding More than a year ago, a travel photography company had 29 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of the 3,000 young people aged 20 to 28 conducted a sample survey, the results of 78.6% would choose to Guilin wedding. "With so many new people are willing to choose the wedding is not a chance in Guilin, Guilin, a romantic landscape with a natural atmosphere, Guilin, have the potential of playing a wedding of a world-renowned city." Yang Jun said. In his view, countries in marriage, although the city is different, but they have three things in common: First, the unique scenic beauty; Second, neither hot nor cold weather; third affordable prices. The Guilin all have. "Everywhere is the beauty of Guilin, rural, landscape, culture, art elements intertwined in Guilin, held wedding ceremony and honeymoon with a powerful advantage." "Guilin to build the world-famous 'marriage capital', the search for new growth point in the tourism industry is a huge breakthrough." Guilin Institute of Tourism Wing made a senior economist who believes that travel agencies and scenic spots to use the "wedding" of the east , launched a series of tourism products and special services, along with the wedding cake bigger piece of the tourism market. Guilin Tourism Bureau official said, the whole city is currently studying and implementing the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session seventh, and comprehensively promote the national Tour of Guilin comprehensive reform pilot area of the building. Guilin, China will fight the "marriage capital", the promotion of national tourism in Guilin comprehensive reform pilot area of the building will play a beneficial role in promoting. Wedding tourism products to create a new In fact, several years ago, the city tourism industry has been to try and operate in this area. Guilin International Travel Service Express had a plan in 2006, "China Yangshuo? Street Fashion International Tourism Wedding Party" activities; and "Two Rivers and Four Lakes" area and a studio collaboration is to jointly launch the "Water Wedding." However, due to factors such as marketing channels, these attempts have not played loud brand. In addition, although there are many people to Guilin wedding or honeymoon, but the multi-spontaneously, Guilin, have less awareness of the organization. To contribute to this "the most romantic thing," Guilin's wedding must be further integrated tourism resources. Last January, the municipal government and the support of a number of related businesses, "Chinese landscape wedding," the organizing committee was established. From March 2009 to October 2010, has been successfully held the 9th Chinese landscape large public nature of marriage, which attracted 11 countries all over the country and more than 1600 couples to participate. In addition to the new people to participate in a romantic wedding, but also arranged for a honeymoon trip in Guilin, Guilin location shooting wedding photos, this event has successfully fired the wedding of Guilin tourism brand, Guilin toward the "marriage capital" of steadily forward. With previous experience, next year, "Chinese landscape wedding," the organizing committee to introduce more features to the wedding. According to Yang Jun introduction, to be held in September next year, the great national unity wedding, invited 56 couples to participate in the 56 nation; October wedding will be held with disabilities, invited 20 couples to persons with disabilities to 20 in Guilin hand in hand into a happy romantic ceremony the future. Apart from landscapes mass wedding, the organizing committee will also increase the individual wedding, new people can be selected and diamond wedding roses wedding. In addition, honeymoon travel, landscape, wedding photography, landscapes about dating events will further enrich the "Chinese landscape wedding" content. Currently, "Chinese landscape Wedding" outside the organizing committee has issued an invitation lovers around the world are welcome in this most romantic city of Guilin to complete their wedding.
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