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Anyang County Village wedding wedding services in the gradual change of tempera

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Cliff Town Anyang County village of Lun Zhang Wei and Zhang Yan Ng Yat Chi a few days after getting married, they see themselves in their own DVD the whole process of marriage, look at their own civilization, happy, generous and sweet wedding ceremony, the two hearts sweet Zizi. Busy after the Anyang County, many rural young men and women tied the knot, start a new life. Harmony in the new rural construction of new wind blowing, the young man's wedding is also quietly changing. Hot wedding photographs Wedding photographs a few years ago was unthinkable for rural youth trendy things, but now in Anyang County, many pockets of young people muster to drive from the trendy to copy depicting beautiful wedding back home . In the past, young people in a wedding in rural areas in addition to repairing household appliances, is the banquet friends and family, can not subsequently read like something left worth. As more and more prosperous days, many young people significantly change consumer attitudes, premarital Wedding photographs have become an indispensable fashion. South Cliff Village Du overseas workers for years, 1 month before the wedding to take his girlfriend to the town style wedding video shop in Taipei has spent more than 2100 yuan took a wedding, he said cheerfully: " Pockets of rural people we drum up, this wedding will not only alive, but also prove that we improve the quality of farmers. Money is small, it is worth. "At this time, a pair of young people are with the staff asking the price of wedding photographs Money. According to reports, he will get married recently, and his girlfriend come together to discuss good first wedding photographs, simply have "cool shot one back." In the wedding photography shop, head of Zhang Xiaoping, told reporters run into a good life, shop equipment, staff also meet all out, however. Now, from a wedding video has been gradually developed to the birthday, celebration, children Full moon, friends and family gatherings and even the white matter, etc.; from the camera has been developed to employ the whole record of professional photographers to make pictures. The vast rural areas in the county, wedding services industry is becoming more refined and diverse. Dowry of "green" Anyang County is currently in the urban and rural areas, rural young women married escort electric bicycles, gas stoves, household appliances and other "green dowry" has become a new fashion. According to the rule of the town water introduced an electric supermarket, National Day, the pairs into On to purchase "green dowry" are more young people than in previous years. With a "green dowry" has become the new construction in a beautiful rural landscape. Rural areas is changing, changing as farmers. A few years ago, the majority of the rural feudal superstition, weddings, funerals, wedding profile wedding popular; now to see whether patriotic young man learning phase object, there is no technology. In the county each year Nearly 10 million young farmers to go to foreign workers, who in the creation of material wealth, but also received the baptism of modern civilization.
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