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Marriage of Beijing of the last day registered a number to jump 2004

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Morning paper dispatch (Zhang Han of reporter of exercitation of reporter Zhang Peng) yesterday morning, many readers call our newspaper to say, in the last day 2004, the new personality platoon of conduction marriage certificate removed cue. Beijing a staff member represents registry office of some area marriage, number of the marrier of the end of the year that register was compared 2004 much at ordinary times piece 5 into.

Yesterday, the reporter comes east registry office of marriage of bureau of civil administration of the city zone sees, already when close afternoon 5 when, still have newlywed person waiting to deal with marry register. Ms. Zhang tells the staff member the reporter, december since the last ten-day of a month, the person that conduction marriage registers is particularly much, amount

Why should choose the end of the year to deal with to inquiry of accurate new personality when the reporter when registering, mr Guo says: "Get on for the end of the year, the old person in the home is in all the time urgent, command we must be registered before New Year marry, just work before the section less, came over so. We prepare to be in before this festival festival comes, the Spring Festival does the thing, have double happiness. Have double happiness..

The registry office of marriage of civil administration bureau that the reporter covered the area such as stage of Haidian, Chong Wen, rising sun, abundant subsequently is informed, drove 2004 deal with before the end of the year marry the number that register increases somewhat than in former years. The staff member that a conduction marriage registers tells a reporter, most at ordinary times when also with respect to a day of a few people, sometimes only a few register to deal with, compare at least by 2004 at ordinary times average became much 5 into. He still expresses, toward annual bottom, number of the marrier that register also can rise, but the scope that increased 2004 is bigger.

Before the reporter enquires, will register marrier whether get " without spring not marriage " when the influence of the view, this staff member expresses: "When to handle a marriage certificate, everybody has his arrangement, come before a few days of newlywed person that have 100 pairs of above everyday almost before New Year, but had not heard who because this comes,is. But had not heard who because this comes,is..

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