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Festival in December firecracker in succession sunshine wedding gathers together

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Glue east online sunshine message recently, the firecracker with sunshine festival street in succession, the marriage car that decorating a flower is seen everywhere, many youths drove banquet of a few marriage one day. The reporter interviews understanding to arrive, enter December, sunshine city marriage celebrates the market all-time and hot, marry the new personality day of conduction marriage banquet is gradual much, among them new year's day and Spring Festival around still will have two consumption height.

The reporter sees in hall of building of shadow of gauze of a marriage, come round to make up, look piece, the new personality in an endless stream that seek advice, the person is enraged quite flourishing. A staff member of this shadow building tells a reporter, marrier number should be compared this year the corresponding period is much last year. Period of time has 89 pairs of new personality to pat marriage gauze to illuminate everyday recently, and the class that take a picture is higher and higher, many new personality chose 2000 yuan of marriage gauze to 3000 yuan to illuminate; The business that the bride makes up is more prosperous, everyday many 50 bride comes round to make up, 27 days that day, achieve many record-breaking pairs 110 even.

Managers of 2 a hotel tell the seaside the reporter, they had received a lot of marriage banquets to book now, estimation returns meeting grow in quantity. The bedding inside sun city field sells the assistant of field to divulge, by child comfortable meet the Christmas, new year's day, the bedding sales volume of this week red rises apparently. Not only such, the business that harbor city spends shop not less is very hot also, had a beautiful inn 27 days one day to decorate 12 marriage car, the income assembling a car of other flower shop also increases considerably.

Why " is New Year bridal " so hot? According to civilian view, this year is to have " Shuang Chun " lucky monkey year, and next year (chicken year) be do not have day of the Beginning of Spring " widow year " . Marriage banquet is placed hurriedly after a few sweethearts are registered, drive in chicken year before marry the graph is auspicious. To this, the expert thinks, annual " the Beginning of Spring " time is relatively fixed, but the month of the traditional Chinese calendar has long have short, still have an intercalary month additionally, accordingly occurrence the traditional Chinese calendar is done not have in year " the Beginning of Spring " the circumstance is very normal, as to " widow year unfavorable marriage " the view that is a kind of superstition more. The Li Yongzhen manager of building of shadow of gauze of 100 beautiful marriage tells a reporter, do not have over there and other places of Hong Kong, Taiwan " widow year " this kind of view, contrary, local youth thinks chicken year it is a very auspicious a particular year.

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