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How does important event do Chinese marriage to celebrate an industry popular th

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Xinhua net Beijing on Feburary 27 report (reporter Wang Saihai) marriage of Chinese work association celebrates industry committee 27 days to release China first 2004 marriage the 8 craze incline to that celebrates an industry.

Incline to of this 8 craze is: Bridal celebration mode will appear individual character and diversity, nostalgic with the vogue, pattern that pays attention to affection and pursuit romance to coexist; Marriage celebrate service orgnaization to begin from traditional simple service to value bridal culture level, pay attention to wedding to engineer direction to transform; Celebrate service orgnaization to hold through professional marriage do wedding to make a trend.

Custom of traditional concept, district will cast off stage by stage when choose of bridal choose an auspicious day manacle, bridal consumption will from " holiday economy " crowded space is outward and outspread. As the formation that returns to natural social conduct, hold bridal place, develop the nature that waits for more intended condition from basic and single room introversion court, gardens, the natural beauty of lakes and mountains and humanitarian landscape site.

As the advent of digital age, digital technology and digital equipment are mass enter marriage celebrate the market, much angle is permeated marriage celebrate economic domain. New people pays attention to the atmosphere that creates bridal spot more, dance beauty, lamplight, exhibit board, the prop adornment that introduces bridal field; Gauze curtain, cloth art, flower, handicraft will make the zealous choice of wedding of new personality deck. Newlywed person is right the demand of marriage banquet will from economic material benefit model to pay attention to culture to savour directional development; Gift for traditional cate on the foundation of lubricious fragrance the new idea of accept auspicious, congratulate on a happy occasion, the important way that makes marriage of contention of meal course of study celebrate the market. Marriage gauze figure photographs bridal makeup and bridal spot bride makeup effect contrast will be farther apparent, marriage gauze is decorated according to more will outstanding art; And wedding makeup is true and more outstanding pure and fresh quietly elegant, natural; Uses cosmetic also has clear distinction. For permanent souvenir, the hire scale of bridal marriage gauze is narrowing, quantity body custom-built, bought scale step up; The design of marriage gauze is more fashionable, with world popularity the trend conforms; Pursue contracted, prominent line, belt of such as condole, wait for design without shoulder of belt, dew more and more be favorred by contemporary girl place; The fabrics of marriage gauze also more and more fastidious, the new fabrics such as double lubricious damask, flashy damask also throws marriage gauze to make the market already, the main and popular trend that the cream-colored fabrics with predicting subdued color will be this year. (be over)
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