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Hotel marriage celebrates a service much " spare " new personality gives silly s

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Year old at the beginning of last years of a dynasty or reign, be the busy season of hotel marriage banquet. Yesterday, the reporter is informed from the understanding in a few newlywed person that do marriage banquet in public house of town of another name for Nanning, the marriage of major hotel hotel celebrates a service to do not have full-time " marriage celebrate a connoisseur " , those act as temporarily " emcee " , " chair " the clerk encounters accident situation random condition, and get its " kill " new people concern developed happy energy of life, also do not wish to rip turn against skin and hotel theory, so, those new personality that made a spectacle of oneself on wedding are redeem face, can eat be unable to speak out about one's grievances only.

Silly sight one: Marriage door does not open bridegroom sweat to be like rain

"So cold yesterday, but sweat is completely actually on my son face, he was carrying my daughter on the back to stand fully half many hour, the clerk just opens the door of bridal chamber, you say, this calculates what thing! This kind of marriage celebrates a service too bad! " on December 27, the daughter that Ms. Zou that does marriage banquet for the daughter speaks of to answer Nanning to do marriage banquet from Hong Kong on a special trip, son-in-law is in tiredly the helter-skelter photograph outside the door, with respect to the nest the fire of skinful.

For marriage banquet of the daughter, ms. Zou is in Nanning city early the guesthouse of class of a SamSung decided democratic way the wedding breakfast of 25 desk.

Open the free service project that give according to guesthouse, have give newly-married room. Because bridegroom is foreigner, regard the marriage house as a temporary measure of guesthouse as temporarily " husband's family " . That day morning 11 when make, bridegroom group person received a bride to come to this guesthouse. Those who press bridegroom home is consuetudinary, bridegroom must carry the bride on the back the ability in bridal chamber to put down, when the bridegroom that should carry a bride on the back asks the clerk opens the door, say not to know this matter when class clerk, want manager of ask for instructions. After she passes layer upon layer ask for instructions, just take the key to open the door, and already spent half hour right now, the bridegroom that carrying a bride on the back is so tired already that the bridegroom that carrying a bride on the back double leg sends soft, sweat profusely, good not awkward. Had lost bout outer part, go denouncing a view with the hotel again, more become aware face sweeps the floor, but, this is forced to new personality avowed and hapless.

Silly sight 2: The wedding march sings an in part dumb

Not come singly but in pairs, the bridge gentleman that married on December 28 faces south in this city when Lu Mou hotel holds wedding, also indeed " lose " bout person. Marriage banquet office is entered in the wedding march when bride, bridegroom when, acoustics is abrupt dumb. Had not encountered this kind of situation " emcee " was stupefied a long time, do not know how to be saved, did not have " emcee " direct, bride, bridegroom goes also is not, retreating also is not, two people look at each other in speechless despair, very embarrassed. Good not easy enharmonic is happy ring again, the people that attends marriage dinner begins to jeer: "Come again, 2 marriage! 2 marriage! " two new personality were forced to be deduced again " wedding march " .
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