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Marriage brief do new wind blow on the face

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Yang Zhiwu of report from our correspondent, Huang Jicheng reports: New year's day eve, some brigade has Guangzhou military region early or late 5 cadres enter marital hall. With before marriage celebrate different is, they or the form with forest are replaced place banquet greatly, or to home of respect for the aged ministrant old person commemorates newly-married.

Marry to place banquet greatly in the light of a few cadres, bring about burden of basic level officers and soldiers to weigh, go out those who play increase of bridal insecure hidden trouble is actual, this brigade pays attention to pair of maiden cadres to try educational guiding, advocate energetically economical do marriage new wind. Get to ensure cadre marriage does already enthusiastic and economical significant, brigade politics ministry helps newly-married cadre actively attend a few significant entertainment evening parties, afforestation to waitThe activity celebrates marriage.

Assistant of division of brigade finance affairs member Cai Kaiming prepares to marry before new year's day, he declined what a few friends do marriage greatly for him is well-intentioned. Marry that day, he and bridal Liu Na coach to red middle school of Yo of place where troops are stationed in the morning the student that aid financially, go afternoon the photo studio is patted marry according to, brigade mechanism is in " the home of mess officer " organized to arrange the literary show that acts oneself oneself for them. (origin: The liberation army signs up for the 1st edition)

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