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Jin Jiuyin 10 " marry personalized marriage celebrates fashionable of wet " capi

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Xinhua net Beijing on September 6 report (Ying of tall Ying of reporter Du Bin) in September, in October, chinese common is called " Jin Jiuyin 10 " , it is the height that traditional marriage celebrates. To more and more capital youths, what nowadays is fond of is to choose not to fall marriage of convention, rich original celebrates a form.

"All one's life important matter, always want some extraordinary " . Ding Xu says privately owned owner of 29 years old.

Beautiful candle is mirrorred so that hotel old hall connects fully settleclear bright, dense move is sound in sky light candle is sweet, the side of musical hover side of tender feelings romance, in this sweet hour, it is under the testimony of numerous Bin Peng, bridegroom and bride make a pledge to spend lifetime in all hand in hand.

"The tenderness in candle power " , let attendant person be touched a little. Ding Xu says, marriage celebrate a company to spend a body to have something made to order " candle power is bridal " , although expenditure is not little, but the memory that kept happiness to them however.

Shine what individual character wedding already made a capital together beautiful scenery line. "More and more new personality are making preparations when marriage, satisfy at blind follow and others of follow the lead of no longer, begin those who pay attention to individual character to reveal however, do a wedding that belongs to oneself truly. " Chinese marriage celebrates industry committee total person in charge of something, famous bridal organizer and handler Shi Kangning to say.

Like traditional person, can come an ancient formula is bridal, the feel uncertain that strike gong carries bridal sedan chair, do obeisance to heaven and earth next, drink make a cup of wine... these China's most traditional marriage celebrates a form, most sections of a city close to the city wall sufferring emperor grown Peking Man favour.

Pay attention to the person that is card with heaven and earth to like outdoors wedding, close friends is in dry,crisp air of autumn outdoors and satisfied chat, apparel orderly service is unripe in moving back and forth in the crowd, provide of every description for guest delicate cate, and bridegroom bride starts to pulling a hand in bright sunshine, do not have new idea one time.

The dream holds the person of Western-style wedding in cathedral, also can get satisfaction. Many marriage celebrate the capital company open this business, the minister that has specific duty is chaired, person of holy Western-style marriage comity is unforgettable all one's life. In the meantime, the wedding of day type, Han type also does not have local color, the flower of houseful is building romance.

In addition, a few additional kind of wedding is very interesting also, underwater wedding, sky is for instance medium bridal, houseboat wedding or it is false face orgiastic wedding, ascend Great Wall wedding to wait, always thinkable, new personality is jumped jump try.
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