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Ignite on banquet of Jiangchen youth marriage " fire of flange Xi Yan "

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Be used at theatrics " cold fireworks " , appear on the marriage banquet of Jiangchen youth.

Eve, the collective that the reporter holds in some construction unit sees on wedding, one start lights bride of 22 pairs of bridegroom " cold fireworks " . Scintilla is ejective have half meters many tall, fireworks combustion makes an appointment with 1 minute continuously.

Undertake this bridal some marriage celebrates company introduction, this was introduced this year in May. This kind " cold fireworks " the smokeless, avirulent, insipidity, burn feeling that does not have bright fire, can achieve the result of fireworks however. "Cold fireworks " apply at wedding, be in Beijing, Shanghai the earliest and other places, have effect of very good bridal add to the fun. Reporter Xiao Xi is photographed (reporter Xiao Limin)

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