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Southern net dispatch an elder wedding compere, receive even recently ten to hope he is in what National Day day chairs wedding to invite unexpectedly, and early already received before 2 months that day bridal 2 he however art of lack of spare time from one's main work to attend to sth else. The reporter learns in interview, marry currently ask compere add to the fun to already became tide gradually, but this group course of study did not get standard government at present, the personnel quality of the good and bad are intermingled makes a person anxious.

A lot of new personality like to ask a compere on wedding, already but utmost ground brings spot atmosphere into play, can divert the attention of guest urge sb to drink. again, kill two birds with one stone of it may be said. But because a lot of new personality marry to like to choose,be in holiday, cause Shan head city to look forefathers counts not much competent marriage to celebrate compere to have too many visitors or business to deal with. Additional, marriage celebrate a service to have one-time characteristic, if have dissatisfactory or error, cannot make up for at all afterwards, but celebrate compere from the marriage of course of study at present and reach corresponding grade certificate without what industry standard, want connection marriage to celebrate compere to often rely on the introduction that hotel of marriage gauze inn, wine shop, close friends waits for only, in compere of very difficult understanding the circumstance of actual level issues the wedding that lets its chair its, new personality reachs Zhui of the Zhui in heart of its family hard to avoid. And the marriage with a few inferior level celebrates compere to be production atmosphere, design a few coarser jest or dull game technically, make new personality embarrassed more unceasingly.

According to be engaged in marriage celebrate compere industry 10 old Lu Yongsong says, at present wet Shan area from job time the marriage with longer, deeper qualifications and record of service celebrates compere namely 20 people left and right sides, and basic it is a part-time job. Although chair wedding to have a few ways, but outstanding marriage celebrates compere can the characteristic with new ground, rapid design can let the game that the honored guest participates in, the activist in intercurrent disinter guest gues-stars participate in, make bridal utmost terrestrial heat intense, romantic, unforgettable. And, processing accident circumstance and avoid to let newlywed person too the ability place that overworked is compere.

Lu Yongsong says, new personality worries about the compere that choose a fault and cause awkwardness or regret, this can watch the marriage before its to celebrate kinescope to make a decision again first. And at present of the industry without foreword, also let he and person of the same trade produce an idea that builds guild. As we have learned, home already had a part to save city to pass " marriage celebrate compere contest " method issues letter to rate from personnel of course of study. (origin: Shan head Metropolis Daily)
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