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The thing with the most romantic testimony below coco first China (Hainan) marri

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Our newspaper big talk on December 20 dispatch (reporter Liu Yan) first China that reachs Chinese city group to be sponsorred jointly by communal channel of TV station of austral Metropolis Daily, Hainan (Hainan) marriage celebrate culture art section to prepare the job to be started in the round, it is sweet newly-married no matter, still be marriage of twinkling 60 years of diamond, can celebrate a section to feel the most romantic responsibility on the world through attending this marriage.

As we have learned, this marriage celebrates culture art section to will be in at coming 25 days on January 21, 2005 big talk, 3 inferior two ground are held, marriage during celebrating a red-letter day besides have royal opening celebration, invite famous musician to fill married couple of Tian Yuzi of China, Lai to hold " the night of love " outside thematic concert, sign up attend marriage the husband and wife that celebrates a red-letter day is returned will in all tree of establish husband and wife, make way of husband and wife in all, hold contest of talent of glamour husband and wife.

Be in marriage during celebrating a red-letter day, sponsor an unit to still will be attend marriage the husband and wife that celebrate a red-letter day hold the Western-style marriage ceremony that is card with the sea and the ceremony of Chinese style marriage that are alliance with hill, the husband and wife that permits for body condition holds ceremony of marriage of marine, hot spring. In addition, marriage culture of affection of city of · of art of marriage Qing Yi still will be held to talk during celebrating a red-letter day talk, art photography exhibits marriage Qing Yi wait for series theme activity.

Additional, be in marriage on the concluding bender that celebrates a red-letter day, still will invite home's famous singer show.

It is reported, this marriage celebrates section general recruit to commemorate the husband and wife of marriage to 60 years of diamond from newly-married each pair, the couple that has had nearly 20 pairs of different marriageable age at present signs up attend this marriage to celebrate culture art red-letter day.

In the meantime, marriage the organizing committee that celebrate a red-letter day will face complete province to collect diamond marriage freely since this day a pair, each marriageable age paragraph before 10 person that sign up still will suffer invite enter a series of activities.

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