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Think when bridal compere good takes an examination of mandarin first

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Bride of bridegroom of Duan Zi of meat or fish, embarrass is told on wedding... henceforth, this kind " unqualified " marriage celebrate emcee to will allow to appear in bridal spot no longer.
The reporter understands yesterday, by Liaoning the province works and social security hall, civil administration hall makes jointly " marriage standard of profession of Qing Liyi division (try out) " it is standard of profession of emcee of countrywide head ministry, be opposite already marriage content of the professional morality that celebrates formal division, service make a standard, also understood degree to have detailed regulation to knowledge of mandarin level, relevant law.

■ take the lead in

First marriage of countrywide celebrates emcee standard

According to not complete count, at present the marriage of Shenyang celebrates emcee to have 1000 people left and right sides about, but teacher of teaching material of innovation of devoid management, lack, lack, lack, lack grooms. Emcee chairs a style low common, " 1000 marriage one word " , even inn of a few floret, gift shop " shake personally " become marriage Qing Liyi " one continuous line " , cause disorder of industry market order.

River of chairman of association of emcee of section chief of registry office of marriage of the concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals that occupy a province, province ascends cloud introduction, by the province civil administration hall and labor and social security hall make " marriage standard of profession of Qing Liyi division (try out) " , in respect of marriage Qing Liyi, it is the professional standard that our country has legal effectiveness the first times and the orgnaization of professional qualification appraisal through legislative accredit issues.

After coming on stage, the people that pursues this trade is passed groom, exam, the has legal effectiveness professional qualification letter that province labor and social security hall will obtain to send after qualification. Henceforth, the marriage of Liaoning celebrates emcee industry personnel to want to hold card mount guard, accept a society self-consciously to supervise.

■ level

Division general cent is marriage Qing Liyi " 4 class "

On May 10, marriage those who celebrate formal division groom will undertake above all. According to saving emcee association to groom department head Li Mu introduces, division divides marriage Qing Liyi in all 4 level, it is respectively: Marriage Qing Liyi member (national qualification 4 class) , assistant marriage celebrates formal division (national qualification 3 class) , marriage Qing Liyi division (national qualification 2 class) , advanced marriage Qing Liyi division (national qualification one class) .

Ask to go up in skill, each level are endless and same. Among them, advanced marriage celebrates formal division to should finish what groovy marriage celebrates a ceremony to chair quite, commonly used marriage celebrates things use, and marriage recieve basically what celebrate a company, the job such as file processing; Division also calls marriage Qing Liyi concoctive step, divide outside should chairing more large-scale marriage celebrate a ceremony quite, still should celebrate an activity to put forward to engineer plan to whole marriage quite, provide all-around service for newly-married party; Assistant marriage celebrates formal division to also call demonstrative level, should organize quite special, the marriage of characteristic celebrates a ceremony, should be opposite quite at the same time inferior marriage celebrates formal division to undertake grooming; Marriage Qing Liyi member also call advisory level, should be in quite marriage celebrate a respect to be offerred about branch and relevant section to the government seek advice.
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