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Marriage of Shenyang head portion celebrates insurance general this month look g

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Shenyang head portion " marriage celebrate danger "
Charge of every guarantee slip is in roughly 200-300 yuan, with marriage celebrate insurance contract can receive while the company signs service contract

On wedding appear easily disharmonious small episode, some is not affect the whole, some may bring harm to new personality and guest. If have a share " marriage celebrate insurance " , so undoubted meeting reduces the loss of the accident in wedding the smallest.

Yesterday, sign up for today publish " who is become to our wedding " bodyguard " ? " after one article appears in the newspaper, cause a reader to pay close attention to extensively. The personage inside course of study discloses to the reporter, shenyang already had insurance company to brewing this planting " marriage celebrate danger " , hopeful of first insurance contract is rolled out this month.

Track solely

Marriage celebrate a company to cast protect new personality to obtain compensate

Reporter from the information gets inside course of study, company of risk of Shenyang earth money is considering be being rolled out in Shenyang " marriage celebrate danger " . This kind is aimed at marriage the insurance that celebrates company and accurate new personality to roll out, belong to category of danger of responsibility of breach of contract, ensure wedding only the accident state that day. In marriage each marriage that celebrates company and new personality to sign celebrates service contract to be sure correspondence contract.

According to this insurance company relevant controller discloses, initial plan is, policy-holder and insurant are with marriage celebrate a company to sign a contract, accept marriage the new personality that celebrates a service, warrantee is marriage celebrate a company. If marriage celebrate a company to be in undertake marriage in celebrating business course, appear harm new personality interest, should by marriage the event that celebrates a company to assume responsibility, insurance company will manage to new personality directly compensate.

The reporter learns from this insurance company, celebrate the consumptive ability of industry rate and new personality considering Shenyang marriage, this insurance company rolls out " marriage celebrate danger " , every insurance expenses is in about 200-300 yuan between. As to appear on the market specificly schedule, controller of this insurance company expresses, knocking calm detail content at present, estimation rolls out a problem this month not quite.

Celebration chamber of commerce

"Marriage celebrate danger " publish normative market

Hear insurance company wants to be rolled out in Shenyang " marriage celebrate danger " message, shenyang city celebration serves the cropland summit chairman of chamber of commerce to appear very glad, express to welcome.
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