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Landscape is by collective of morning paper netizen wedding is held now

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Taking the blessing of relatives and friends and netizens, today, 10 pairs of netizens set foot on morning paper divine bridal hall. The beautiful bus that if you see on the driveway one is written,has model of written characters of landscape travel agent, if you are in east the marriage gauze that fort scene area sees covey is white, if you are in Yantai,big public house sees waist drum team meeting newlywed person, ask you to stop to be blessed for them, share their joyance.
Arrived at 8 o'clock this morning at 9 o'clock, new people will be in east flying butterfly is put on lawn of square of fort scene area. 200 gorgeous butterfly come to Yantai from the Zi rich of hundreds of inside and outside, the implied meaning is worn double Su Shuangfei, tourist also can be mixed with new people accept as a souvenir of butterfly group photo, the main chance must not be missed.

Many 50 waist drum team member each skill is uncommon, seeing them is old people of 559 years old, but one compares a spirit, watch their wonderful show, OK and young several years old. Much at 9 o'clock this morning, they will welcome new people to enter bridal hall with waist drum performance.

10 beautiful cherub will add lively element for wedding, but most those who offend an eye still is bridegroom brides. Morning paper leader will be their card marriage, candle power, champagne will push wedding to the climax...

Thank 100 golden wedding to celebrate photography of gauze of marriage of perspective of plan, red house, Yantai house of travel agent of landscape of big public house, Yantai, contented plum statue lane, Daomingpei team of waist drum of association of mountain-climbing of city of celebration of example company, sunshine, Yantai, east fort scene area is collective of morning paper netizen bridal place.

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