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Expenses of food of atmosphere of agitate of marriage banquet power cut is hit 2

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Marriage banquet just began, the spot is immersed in a darkness because of unexpected power failure however. Mr Chen is in consumer big talk wind circle in the air a hotel runs the way when wedding, confront issue of such feel disappointed. Mr Chen just raises 50 thousand yuan claim for compensation to the hotel for this. This is a reporter from big talk The Ministry of Commerce and Industry the door understands yesterday.

According to introducing, mr Chen was in a few days ago big talk wind circle in the air a hotel of the road holds marriage dinner. That day in the evening 7 when, marriage banquet begins to undertake. Compere has not said opening remarks, marriage dinner scene is immersed in a darkness suddenly -- power cut. The spot immediately a disorder, the child cries for sound, the Jing cry of the crowd, bowl dish of voice that drops the ground, ring. Bridegroom Mr Chen soon the marriage banquet of own when everything is all right becomes extremely confused, ask the hotel just is how to return a responsibility after all hastily.

Try hard through hotel side, power supply renewed eventually after 30 minutes, marriage banquet be able to proceed. Be troubled by via this, before the mood of Mr Chen and numerous guest already was inferior to greatly, marriage dinner scene greatly feel disappointed.

After the event, mr Chen wants to jump over gas more, as a result of,he thinks the reason of hotel side, agitate his marriage banquet. He asks the hotel dismisses the charge of this marriage banquet not only, and requirement hotel side recoups mental loss.

According to this hotel vise general manager Mr Wang tells a reporter, consumer that evening marriage banquet total cost totals 18000 yuan, its ask the hotel discharges the charge of marriage banquet not only, still ask the hotel compensates for 50 thousand yuan, be rejected by them.

Consumer sees shape does not agree to stop, the hotel is forced to big talk 12315 complain, the request is industrial and commercial appear personally undertake intercessory. Course big talk is industrial and commercial bureau Zhongshan is industrial and commercial a the staff member's mediation, the hotel is hit to marriage banquet charge finally 2.5 fold, collection 4500 yuan.

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