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Marriage gauze photographs profitable marriage celebrates the gold on catenary t

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Want to ask nowadays what is the hottest, be afraid blame marriage celebrates consumption to not be belonged to. The data shows, our country marriage celebrates consumption to be as high as 300 billion yuan every year, shanghai also has 20 billion yuan. Marriage celebrate the flourishing that drove the consumption such as car of gauze of food, marriage, marriage, flowers, gift, emcee, marriage celebrate the business chance on catenary infinite, can offer poineering node a lot of.

Marriage gauze photography is profitable

Filming marriage gauze is illuminated is to be on a before red carpet to need classics program. Life is the biggest happy event, new personality skill is ostentatious, be willing to part with or use spends money, business of market of marriage gauze photography is thriving, marriage gauze price appears general to go up impetus.

Store of photography of Shanghai marriage gauze or company already had many 3000, still be in every year increase by degrees with 1000 speed, according to the capacity of the market, investment does poineering work to still have a space, and still profitable.

As we have learned, the threshold that photographs into travel marriage gauze is not high, investment 10 will can open business 10 thousand yuan do business, this kind of difficulty that invests pair of person that do poineering work and pressure are not too big. The key is to should be full of the cameraman with originality and adept technology, and know well is ripe market level and personnel of sale art business. Both all have, can open the market very quickly, cut the cake that gets photography of gauze of a marriage.

Bridal flower is very popular

The boss of the beautiful inn of market of painting of flowers and birds in traditional Chinese style of cloud stand way says frankly, at ordinary times flower sale takes small shop profit only 30% arrive 45% the left and right sides, and marry the amount that uses a flower and profit space are compared relatively big. When because new personality is in,the choose and buy holds a flower in both hands, the modelling that what pay close attention to most often is a flower and beauty are colourful, to the price the element won't haggle over every ounce commonly, want satisfaction only give money with respect to be willing to part with or use. If say investment of brushstroke of the hypostatic need that spend shop, so the set up shop on the net invests not only little, and very convenient. Have prevent the gentleman sees marriage celebrate the profit space that uses a flower, opened a flower nursery on the net simply, always invest amount only 10 thousand yuan.

Originality wedding is favorred

Have originality, distinctive is bridal more and more get the favour of new people. A lot of canny operator saw this one business chance, ceaseless get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh, the wedding of a lot of new forms is already ablaze come on stage. Outside the wedding in the candle power wedding that a lot of marriage celebrate a company to be rolled out in succession, villatic wedding, steam ball wedding, sky, underwater wedding, desert wedding, lily wedding, houseboat wedding, each characteristic such as lawn wedding, cathedral wedding, be full of new idea. Hold wedding of traditional Chinese style latter very modern also, many new personality like wedding of lively and festival old bridal sedan chair.
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