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Leakage pats marriage of newly-married key camera lens to celebrate a company by

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Marriage celebrate a company to say, what is vital scene, the client was not informed clearly

Report from our correspondent (Zhang Lei of reporter Deng Hui's trainee) because of marriage ring of the crossing-over when celebrating company cameraman to did not film he marries and it is important to go to bridal home receiving degree of relationship camera lens, bring about wedding to fail to keep satisfactory video data, celebrate a company to accuse forensic claim for compensation to marriage of new personality general 2500 yuan. A few days ago, open a court session of court of people of division of Wuhan city river bank hears this case.

Bridal celebration picture appears unusual

After bridal end, mr Wang and wife obtain bridal kinescope CD, but bridal celebration picture is more ambiguous. Mr Wang thinks, as a result of marriage the error that celebrates a company, the wedding that brings about oneself fails to keep satisfactory video data, search for many times marriage celebrate company bargaining to all be not had result and return.

Bridegroom king gentleman says, last year on October 20, he with Chinese mouth a marriage celebrated a company to sign marriage Qing Liyi to serve an agreement, by marriage celebrate a company to offer marriage car to plunge into colour and professional photography, expenses totals 1500 yuan. According to the requirement of Mr Wang, marriage gauze of bridal celebration, marriage includes to illuminate in celebrating CD, exterior films wait for content.

Last year in December, mr Wang obtained bridal celebration CD, a many hour puts whole CD, exchange ring without bridegroom bride actually, go to bridal home receiving the camera lens that is the same as a stage to perform a program to wait for crucial setting with two people in person, and partial picture is punch-drunk.

Mr Wang couple thinks, wedding is the most commemorable hour in their lifetime, because forgot a few vital scene and picture, kept the loss that cannot offset to them, marriage celebrate a company should charge of go back photography, pay penalty due to breach of contract, recoup a loss 2500 yuan.

New personality shape is accused marriage celebrate company claim for compensation

Mr Wang with marriage celebrate company presence fault, make marriage celebrate kinescope to be patted farfetchedly, search for many times marriage celebrate company bargaining, but marriage celebrate a company to reject to compensate for all the time. But under, mr Wang couple celebrates this marriage the company to appeal to to the court.

A few days ago, open a court session of court of people of river bank division hears this case.

Marriage celebrate company controller to say, marriage celebrate a company and drop camera lens or issue of CD picture existence without leakage. "What camera lens is vital scene perhaps must film, mr Wang was not informed clearly, kinescope is cameraman whole journey dogs film. " company controller still thinks, the understanding according to him cameraman comes to kinescope film, the likelihood is bilateral different to the understanding of camera lens value just, and because film appear to shake and happen in the process,the faintness that appears in the picture is, not be picture quality problem.  
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