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The United States: Hire a cake marriage wedding breakfast same view

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On festival wedding, the marriage that delicate and beautiful, price does not poor cake is indispensable. But, a few impoverished United States youths have the wise counsel of be economical additionally now: Hire emulate marry cake, bridal all the same scene.
Cheap and fine

Place feast, rent ceremonial robe or dress, buy cake... bridal expenditure often will " happy event " become " anxious thing " . The renting that appears recently fortunately marries cake serves, can give a lot of wanting conjugal American rescue sb from a siege.

The adornment candy that with candy frost sculpture gives is beautiful, the cake that be made with candy and water and becomes is cortical, the exterior of emulation cake and multilayer really marriage cake is not had absolutely 2 send. Exclusive differentia, it is cake heart replaces by plastic foam.

Mixiegen actors or actress force cake room takes the lead in rolling out rental cake business in American home. When manager of Marie Braun accepts associated press reporter 12 days to interview, recollected at the outset inspirational origin.

One can offer the three-layer cake that 100 guest enjoy, price 200 to 250 dollar. Face high cake price, face of a few new personality shows appear to be reluctant. But under, the cake division in inn is obliged to rent the emulation cake that is used at shopwindow to reveal to them.

Cannot think of, ask the newlywed person that hires cake is increasing later. Suffer this to inspire, cake room is flat rolled out rental cake business, quite welcome.

Braun says: "I never have had thought rental cake, the thing is simple belong to accidental. But I think, this is a superexcellent business chance really. This is a superexcellent business chance really..

Room of cake of joy of Er of dimension of case orchid heart also rolled out rental cake business recently. Jinbaili Aya represents shopkeeper, cake room makes character for marriage banquet in effort all the time cake of exquisite of excellent, appearance. "But brides always are hope be economical, the requirement offers emulation cake. Nevertheless, on wedding absolutely won't the secret that somebody discovers cake is medium. On wedding absolutely won't the secret that somebody discovers cake is medium..

Ayadi offers emulate marry cake, fixed design is 100 dollar only, the cake that has something made to order technically is 150 dollar.

Won't wear a band

Aya says, although emulation cake is not all wool and a yard wide true cake, but distinct effect, let it avoid to wear the awkwardness of the side.

After elaborate design modelling, cake division embeds a true cake cake is rock-bottom, spend adornment with special candy, only new personality knows among them way to do sth.

On wedding, bridal bridegroom cuts that next true cake jointly, send into mouth of the other side next. Subsequently, according to the convention, cake can push a kitchen to undertake breaking up, outfit dish. Right now, change on the common cake with good precondition can. Whole process guest cannot see at all, and changing cake taste is good also, won't somebody comes into being suspicion.
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