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5 big questions perplex black marriage of out of 60 % tort to celebrate

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Go out of form of banquet of marriage of marriage car shrink
Marriage of worry of 5 big questions celebrates consumption

Black marriage is celebrated black marriage of out of on 1000 60% tort is celebrated

As marry the arrival of the height, this city marriage celebrates consumption to complain show ascendant trend. Yesterday, reporter from 12315 open day -- attention marriage celebrates consumption to seek advice from service spot to understand, a few days ago, the marriage that door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry receives celebrates consumption to complain nearly 80, among them 20% be order eat problem about marriage banquet, 18% it is to be aimed at marriage gauze photography, and formal attire Wu complained marriage celebration to be occupied about 50% . Accept from the spot complain a circumstance to look, current this city marriage celebrates the market to basically be put in 5 sides issue.

Chief is being accepted related door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry when interviewing, say, at present marriage the main problem that celebrates consumptive market presence has:

One, phenomenon of marriage car beak a contract is commonner, be in especially arrival time, place, course or appear time and again in marriage car class, amount and model respect " shrink " problem, some service business even one-sided of do sth without authorization changes a contract, bring about what consumer hits in roadside to receive a bride.

2, do not collect fees by contract agreement, individual businessman is in marry grade of things of service of change of celebration spot privately, ask with improving grade consumer fills when settle accounts forehead of report to the superior after accomplishing a task.

3, quality of shadow building service is poorer, specific film building is put in the phenomenon that exaggerated conduct propaganda, misdirect consumes. Consumer report, gauze of marriage of existence of specific film building nots agree with according to practical effect and example, negative is attributive not clear problem, shadow building reserves because of notting have machine, bring about bridal kinescope when camera occurrence breakdown not complete, leave a regret all one's life to consumer.

4, marriage banquet orders eat to serve to be not perfected, marriage feast is virtual with decide menu to not agree with formerly, remaining sum of expenses of bag desk food is not retreated, make the same score to consumer in the day of great rejoicing increase trouble, why to plant without giving thought to especially reason consumer once break a contact, what hand in deposit one minute to also do not think recapture, but if think claim for compensation is extremely difficult,be like consumer of businessman break a contact.

5, marriage celebrate market good and evil people mixed up, according to this industry constituent investigation tries to find out the real intention, be in at present marriage in celebrating service industry, manage legally door have 700 or so, but " black marriage celebrates a service " have on 1000 however, consumptive tort has 60% out " black marriage is celebrated " .
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