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Married to off-season in August indulgence in June off-season and hot

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All the time since, conjugal gold period of time is in centrally the Spring Festival, " 51 " and " 11 " . But the good news marriage that held in Shanghai exhibition center yesterday is exhibited on, the reporter discovers however, a few marriage are celebrated, the company such as marriage gauze photography, colour makeup bales rolled out " 6-8 month is off-season valence " , try to let off-season marriage also fire rises. This one action gained the favour of many young newlywed person. The new personality that marries to be sufferred from expensively expresses, season is indifferent to, as long as price is lower.
In " off-season price " exhibit before, clearly enumerate the actor that the newlywed person that chooses to order 6-8 month to marry can enjoy
Benefit, if some companies hit formula total prices to subtract 1000 yuan of cash send 500 yuan of marriage to celebrate the privilege of the service, some companies criterion exert killer mace -- , cost price a 3500 yuan department, exhibition spot is booked need 1500 yuan only.

In the white-collar that an ad firm works Mr Sun is opposite hot marriage very not take to heart, "This is indifferent to, material benefit is the most significant. Marry now so expensive, be slaughtered everywhere. Marry only register collect fees the justest, 9 money are done calm. 9 money are done calm..

State when the reporter elder can be denied agree " hot marriage " when, mr Sun expresses, the youth is not exquisite now carry a day, doing wedding still do not look to the family member actually. And another Mr Wang that oneself open a firm is relatively conservative, "Although I also feel to marry,beautiful money is the issue with a very large expenditure, but whether in off-season order the timeline that comes down to see me even. " the reporter is in marriage exhibit went up to interview a few pairs of newlywed person randomly, still showed strong interest for the most part, express unified exam Lv.

In marriage a cost price is hit in exhibiting some marriage of 1500 yuan of inviting prices celebrates 3500 yuan of present price chief Mr Xu of the company expresses, off-season dozen of strength that lose is very great, this favourable formula already approached cost price basically, join in " off-season price is hit lose a group " , it is to hope to borrow this to enlarge force. And director Miss Yuan that another marriage celebrates a company says, a lot of new personality showed interest to off-season price, choose escape marriage height paragraph also be a kind of well-advised practice. Her estimation, because by " off-season price " the new personality that attract and revises 6-8 month form may be added to 3 into the left and right sides.

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