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Wuhan marriage celebrates an industry to will build society

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Yesterday, nearly 10 marriage celebrate Wuhan the company gathers, prepare guild in full blast, allege will build whole market to serve a standard, let consumer be consumed for nothing obviously.
Marriage celebrate a service to had become at present " happy industry " , as we have learned, wuhan has 100 thousand pairs of newlywed person every year about, having capacious marriage to celebrate the market, marriage celebrated a service to also become the rising sun
Industry. Because lack industry standard and tie, marriage celebrate market the good and bad are intermingled, the price is opaque, the service does not have a standard, dispute of constant occurrence consumption, the happy event that lets newlywed person becomes irritated worry.

Wuhan marriage celebrates guild to prepare group controller Zhang Zhimin to introduce, it is mature to should run this market should run this market, must have perfect code and industry self-discipline. Association will be built " marriage celebrate 12315 " , if new personality is right marriage celebrate service dissatisfaction, can complain to association.

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