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" of Hainan Miao Zu bites hand " to decide affection

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"Stretch his hand to be bitten to elder brother imprint, bite more see younger sister situation is difficult more, green hill often does not put a mark, if see a person,see that tooth mark. "

This is to circulate a ballad that saves Miao Zu in Hainan. "" gnawing a hand is a kind of of love of expression of young men and women of Hainan Miao Zu unique kind.

Whenever holiday, especially at the beginning of March 3, below areca, in mango forest, by the side of brook brook, on hillside meadow, young men and women sings wonderful and pleasant song, him express ideal, appeal and wish, explore oneself person of one's heart. Subsequently, the boy takes bow, gaff to catch a fish in river brook, girls are mixed in meal of the brook edge canister that bake the fish that boil, set till the sun ability drops off. If boy photograph is medium beloved girl, use buccal bend, nose xiao, leaf to playing the tune with pleasant mild and indirect in the evening, the " of " grand boudoir that comes to the girl (the latrine that the girl stays in oneself) outside sing open the door song. If the girl does not sing the song that close the door, can open the door, go up to the meadow together or bonfire singing in antiphonal style is ignited to dance in Zhu Lin, each other expresses the feeling of love. At this moment, after the girl listened to the boy's courtship, the hand that bashful ground plays a boy bites, if be bitten very gently, and very polite, the boy understands the girl is to express to refuse or alluded his to have person of one's heart; If the girl is bitten very again, bite haemorrhage to imprint even, state the girl is admired very to him, be willing to accept the boy's love.

"After " gnawing a hand decides affection, they take out the most beloved hand letter severally, be like Buddhist monastic discipline child, the gift of and so on of basket of dangler, Zhu Li, waist, give each other, as the content that decide affection, accompany in order to be shown all one's life.

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