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Play is troubled by bridal chamber to spend candle night

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China has the custom that is troubled by bridal chamber. In the past, because be familiar with not quite before marriage of very much new people,not be acquainted even, the night of newly-married wants them to live in same space, mentally may feel uneasy. Be troubled by bridal chamber, can let new personality remove barrier through public game undoubtedly, disclose is broken shy " window paper " . And today, if the house-owner that make a hole expresses beatific desire to new people.

One of  game, take a chopstick

 general in bottle of park of a pair of chopsticks, show only very short one cut, make bridegroom bride main take out the chopstick with the lip, ask two people actually to perform a kiss namely.

Of  game, eat banana

 binds the height that banana condole can reach at bridegroom capriole with stretch rope, bridegroom pulls down banana with the mouth. Bridegroom bride decorticates with the mouth, eat it jointly next. To do not make cord retractile, one makes a motion, another must bite into banana, this is about to see two people cooperated.

Of  game, ignition bavin

On red jujube of stick of  general match, float in Cheng Shui's basin. The cigarette that one fulcrum lights is pitched among a red line, both ends parts by new personality bite into, two people you are retreated into me, join forces lights a medium match with smoke. Want screen to live breath, with solid " tooth result " score a success with vision ability.

Of  game, clip billiards

 prepares billiards of a dish of glass, allow bridegroom bride each hold a chopstick, two people go billiards clip simultaneously. Might as well ask a few pairs of attendant sweethearts and new personality to have the competition, laggard performs a program.

Of  game, to poetic match

 is like bridegroom bride love literature, so ask them to be surpassed to poetic arena. Recite poems by bridegroom first, next the bride receives chant, ask to receive chant sentence in have at least a word is as same as on one, relapse so, the person that receive no less than coming is sentenced negative, the person that lose performs a program.

Of  game, literacy of husband and wife

 this " literacy " it is to let bridegroom wear " word " (or a phrase) , ask bridegroom to make all sorts of motions next (forbid to talk, forbid to use hand draw stroke) look to the bride, should make bride can " knowledge " this word. Choose " word " when, carry the content of those and be identical of newly-married atmosphere photograph, for example: "Love " , " love " , " husband and wife " etc.

Of  game, say a pet name

 bridegroom bride thinks 10 nicknames go respectively appellation the other side, what conscience, baby, dog dog, fleshy meat, more disgusting better. If guest is dissatisfactory, can ask to say again.

Of  game, kiss in person sweet heart

 bridegroom faces upward to lie on the bed, next cut thinly thin banana piece go up with the neck on the face that is stuck in him, the bride that allows unconscious eye looks for those banana with the mouth piece.
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