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Taiwan tradition orders bridal common

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Set out: Carry 6 by the man or 12 gifts, cry before prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun sets out, go to the woman, to be apart from woman family 100 meters left and right sides, cry prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun, state preparation is proper.

Welcome guest: Go-between gets off first, the person of the others gets off then. Bridegroom by the woman young generation opens door to go out please.

Introduce: Man relatives and friends walks into woman home according to foreword in, go-between introduces understanding of bilateral relatives and friends formally, introduce the man to give the woman first.

Pay a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale: The man carries Chun Shuli content enters woman home in, red package offers after the woman is accepted; Display the gift the hall, go-between be placed in the middle hires size, contraction of golden act the role ofing, list of present pays woman parent, woman relatives and friends has accepted the gift, display offerings on bright desk.

Sweet tea: Woman elder member of family asks the man to belong to according to long young into, bridegroom occupies last stage; Accurate bride guides a hall by go-between, holding in both hands sweet tea respects tea to man guest.

Press tea: The bride after moment goes out hall receive tea, man relatives and friends needs to press tea with red bag.

Wear ring: Below the blessing card of bilateral parent relatives and friends, outside allowing a bride to face house, sit in oneself main hall in the center of (if enrol go to live in the household of one's in-laws on getting married to be faced inside) sit high chair, low chair becomes warped foot; Wear ring at middle finger (male Zun Nv is right) . Accurate bridegroom gives red bag accurate bride.

Change name: Go-between guiding both sides changes antonomasia to breathe out. Ancestor: Uncle contraction candle is lighted sweet, go-between misses lucky sign beside, subsequently by ancestor of deities of Fu square parents, report marriage already was decided, invocatory bless.

Recompense: The gift that the woman delivers to man place and hire gold to accept a share, and recompense with men's gift 6 or 12.

Be engaged banquet: Be engaged after the ceremony is finished, fu just has tea contraction opens banquet to treat the man (seat male right Fu is left) attach of paper of Za Gong of woman equipment drumstick is red fierce give the man young people of a certain kind, the person red package that the man presses table manners to be in except equipment and sends all helping acknowledges.

See a visitor out: The banquet finishs, man guest sets out return, young generation holds the woman in both hands powder keg washs his hands to man guest, if outer dining-room is avoided, see a visitor out not to say good-bye.

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