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Traditional marriage common:  of choose  auspicious piece

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After the marriage certificate has done, both sides of male and female is in jural had established relationship of legal husband and wife. Be in China however, this is to marry merely the first pace of the activity. According to traditional method, of espouse advocate mover one party, its parents should choose day of married auspicious of fine celestial bodies, inform each other by go-between, prepare to marry. Call " pick an auspicious day " and " send a day " .

 picks an auspicious day to consult star scholar or fortune-telling to choose to deal with commonly, OK also oneself look " almanac " (elegant say " almanac " , common says " domestic home all previous " , those who pass be called by a joint name for " almanac " ) choose day. Literacy rate is high OK oneself are computative. Think commonly, as long as " 6 close " corresponding, auspicious day namely. Be like " day of third the third of the twelve Earthly Branches " etc.

 choose an auspicious day ends, both sides fixes finish marriage date, should issue marriage fete letter, ask close friends to attend wedding.

 invitation is general by espouse person or its are parental from hand of service relatives and friends in. Relatives and friends people after receiving the invitation that attends wedding breakfast, it is OK to divide special situation give sb a present does not attend beyond, should ascend congratulate of way to do sth commonly. Before congratulate, want to prepare a gift first. Of the gift more or less to inspect each one and advocate the depth of the close greens of square relation, companionship, oneself economy condition and calm. Those who send the man is general to pay cash, hit with red paper " cover " . Cover if wanting to write on one to express congratulation commonly on prod.

 wraps face of inside front cover to holding cash, money should fall look out, one Zhang Zhang has been folded put neat. Money most lower level is written with red paper on " XXX congratulate " or " XXX, XXX is the same as congratulate " wait for model of written characters, those who call " hang in " , facilitating Zhang room is registered.

The gift that  gives the woman is objective more, but useful also red bag replaces, say for " aid marry " . Domestic content is box, ark, bed more, by, and so on of tableware, dress material. The gift that sends the woman often is relatives and friends people hear the news to send actively namely, did not wait for invitation card to send again. Because woman father and mother wants with person of give sb a present more or less decide to occupy " get married wine " dimensions.

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