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Traditional marriage common:  of happy  banquet piece

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Undertake in traditional wedding before today, the bridegroom's or husband's family already decorate with lanterns and streamers, its decorate be as follows generally:

 central room:
The couplet before 1, door a pair, add a horizontal scroll bearing an inscription.
Among 2, central room colored lantern of form of Gao Xuan one party, colored lantern all sides parts on draw " He Ming of husband and wife " , " avalokitesvara sends child " , " pass an imperial examination of Number One Scholar " , " add up to the home joyous " design.
On 3, incense burner table one pair of huge Gong Zhu.
4, both sides " right " stick on the wall " accompany right " .
5, hind " golden wall " on post " gentleman of heaven and earth kisses division " 6 big character, from above to below is written continuously. Of these 6 words write a law to have exquisite: The day wants to make the same score, namely " day " the two horizontal strokes of the word should be written smooth, cannot bend; The ground wants wide, namely " the ground " the word is written a few wider, do not pass narrow; Gentleman does not start to talk, namely " gentleman " the word wants whole sealing, cannot interspace; Do not close eye in person, write namely traditional " close " word, of right " see " word cannot above " eye " last horizontal stroke seals the word entirely; Division does not have not meaning: Traditional " master " the word should be written less cast aside, writing " division " .

 bridal chamber:
Both sides of 1, doorcase sticks couplet a pair, add a horizontal scroll bearing an inscription (a horizontal scroll bearing an inscription is written commonly " He Ming of husband and wife " 4 words) ;
Word of bright red double happiness is stuck on 2, door;
Colored lantern is hanged in the middle of 3, bridal chamber;
The word of bright red double happiness of paper-cut is stuck on 4, window, stick the butterfly design of paper-cut quadrilateral;
Both sides of 5, window sticks couplet;
6, wall all around hang calligraphy and painting.

 kitchen: Front door couplet one pair, add a horizontal scroll bearing an inscription, stick on the door red " happy event " word.

 is other: All stick on all room door " happy event " word one.

 is done obeisance to after hall, the bride takes a seat in bridal chamber, come out no longer. Bridegroom should walk out of bridal chamber to recieve He Ke. If be in guest of banquet of guesthouse, wineshop, both sides of husband and wife must go out to interview guest and propose a toast to guest.

The honour low that banquet of  happy event wants to press guest grows young platoon to decide a seat, say for " entertain guests " , or " quiet settle or live in a strange place " . The principle of pew is to go up honour next low, right honour left low, the guest grows by its young with the identity, position from arrive high low form seating arrangement.
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