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Traditional marriage common: Do obeisance to  hall  piece

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 does obeisance to a climax phase that is wedding.

The day that  marries, after the bridegroom's or husband's family sends litter, it is good that the attendant is about to be decorated in central room of the bridegroom's or husband's family do obeisance to the place of hall.

 stops before central room door when the bridal sedan chair, when a matron of honour that the man asks stands to the front of the bridal sedan chair, the ceremony already began namely. On incense burner table, cigarette winds around, red candle high fever, staff of department of Qi You kissing friend, office each with respect to everybody.

2 people of  attendant part with " draw support " and " connect assist " the capacity appears, begin assist ceremony.

 bridegroom bride is pressed bring assist and the assist ceremony that tell assist to begin to do obeisance to hall.

 does obeisance to hall ceremony program to be as follows:
 draws support: Bridegroom arrive (before standing still at litter)
 connects assist: Open litter, new personality rises.
 draws support: Bridegroom is built bend forward (submissively employ bride)
 draws support: Bridegroom bride perch (to incense burner table before)
 play music cries prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun
 connects assist: Bridegroom bride (to the god with ancestor memorial tablet) enter joss sticks and candles
 draws support: Genuflect, display joss sticks and candles. Ming Zhu, light sweet, go up sweet, proneness, promote, make the same score body restoration.
 connects assist: Genuflect, kowtow head, kowtow again head, 3 kowtow head, promote.
 next, be a tradition " 3 do obeisance to " -- " do obeisance to heaven and earth, 2 do obeisance to parents, photograph of husband and wife is done obeisance to " final ability " introduce bridal chamber " . Bai Tangyi type comes here end.

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