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Culture of wedding breakfast of new new mankind

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Modern society life is busier, a lot of new personality choose to hold marriage dinner in the hotel, reduced a burden already, give a person again with good impression. Choice hand in hand the red carpet on the pace and the person that love each other spend lifetime in all, it is the beautiful thing of terrestrial what kind, and the marriage banquet of a fine romance is more most the fond dream in new personality heart. Nevertheless the form of marriage banquet is drag in the important matter of two family, then the plan chime business of beforehand is necessary.

Banquet of marriage of 5 stars class
Choose restaurant of 5 stars class to do important event? Charge admittedly not low, can let person fond dream come true however! Becoming a day that of bride, bridegroom, can be like princely, princess really kind, enjoy take care of supremely with colourful admire. The key of banquet of marriage of 5 stars class is " all-around monopolize " , have multinomial privilege, if provide feast of emcee, marriage,flatlet of plan, free honeymoon is waited a moment. The famished look of wedding breakfast and service are top-ranking level of course, sufficient your guest and host is used up joyous.

Ball type late banquet
The youth has new position and outstanding energy, do not like to do obeisance to heaven and earth ceremoniously, a lot of people like to do a dance, give the blessing of orgiastic type for wedding together with guest. Such late banquet is very foreign change, very elegant, very along with promote, the means of meal uses self-help formula mostly, everybody after wine full meal is full, give off music, sing merrily and dance gracefully, swing to the top of one's bent.

Luncheon of afternoon tea type
Marry wedding breakfast must be not placed in colorfully decorated lantern after going up first, very Western-style choice is in the sweet time afternoon is good also! Prepare a few delicate cake, fruit, beverage, everybody gathers a little, know either relatives and friends, it is very relaxed and comfortable means. Change the location to outdoor lawn, make atmosphere more dynamic, design a few little game or the fun that talk about new personality, new personality cuts cake, lose hold a flower in both hands, pour champagne into champagne tower to will turn banquet mood to the climax.

Wedding breakfast of average dining room
If the budget is not very tall, do not love to place ostentatious ostentation and extravagance quite again on individual character, the dining hall that can choose economic material benefit then will ask everybody to drink wedding feast. "Big bowl cheap " dining-room, field has some of jam admittedly, also lack ornament of musical beautiful wine, but the distance between guest and host is closer however.

Do type wedding feast oneself
One desk feast cannot spend how many money, let a guest eat repeatedly however belt take, wine full meal is holding belly in both hands fully to come home. Such convivial means has a typical case " agrestic " gust, everybody is OK without ceremony, invitation guest is neighbour and relatives and friends mostly, occasion is very kind and lively.
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