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The courtship of romantic gens dinner

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This is the French dining-room that is in Guangzhou, a man runs to ask to prepared a special dinner for its on Feburary 22. Because that day is he and the fete that cummer is acquainted one year, because he prepared that day,propose to her.

Late on Feburary 22, man and cummer as scheduled hand in hand and to French dining-room, sit down in the seat that relies on a window. Had decorated so that hope like him on the desk in that way: The rose that went up to represent sweet love is inserted in crystal vase, there is the candle of figure of aureate heart contrast in the candle cup of design of aureate heart form. In be like downily in the musical reputation that if not have,has, agree first like the thing in that way, attendant delivered the first dish for them -- French salad of Xi Youxian shrimp. See only dish in two prawn head and premier are right, end and end connect, formed body of a heart. The salad sauce among is high pile. Line fills up to have red below on the west shaddock piece, surround all around circling maize lemon piece, again the caraway with green, as if the enthusiasm of have one's bosom filled with wants to come out from the eject in salad. Write in the small scrip that follows dish of attach: "Last year on Feburary 22, I become really interested for you. I become really interested for you..

It is the 2nd dish then -- Lang Desha law. Lang De is the area of French south. This dish is by the eat of make it of duck bosom, duck's gizzard, vegetable, Song Ren, corn before fastfood. What the small scrip in dish writes is: "With your encountering, I times feeling is cherished " .

The 3rd when come up accordingly, it is the French red wine that produced a bottle 2000, make a person most the heart form cap that of find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind is its wine red. Write on the label of opening: "Your elegant demeanour, your if I am crazy be like drunk. Your if I am crazy be like drunk..

What come up again is the 4th dish -- Norwegian 3 article fish coils. It is will Norwegian 3 article fish and perch cruelly oppress are hit into mud, make it fish coils. The cruelly oppress with two kinds of simple sense, different flavour mixes together, wonderful and harmonious. What man of no less than writes on scrip is same, really: "There am me in you, there are you in me " .

The 5th delicate it is a man most those who dote on -- French decoct Niu Liu. The Niu Liu of heart form and potato piece, still have Xianggu mushroom, with stiff stiff black peppery juice flavors. Of that massiness delicate, resemble extremely that evening mood. Pardonable man will dish medium scrip sends in cummer hand, there are 4 words only above: "Have mutual affinity. "Have mutual affinity..

Desert nature is little not, come on the 6th end however can not be general chocolate cake, it is with almond chocolate sauce is mixed soft soft acrid chocolate is made, cent is very multilayer, every are thin thin, slippery bright ground changes chocolate softness in the mouth: The adds almond extraordinary fragrance of weak suffering, it is to make person aftertaste boundless really. Insert in the bannerol on cake, with the wind flutter, show: "Strong feeling ten million detailed. "Strong feeling ten million detailed..
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