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Fashionable youth experiences the wedding in sky
Fashionable youth experiences the wedding in sky

Let love to enter the space this city first the wedding in sky yesterday rehearse

Zhao Xushi of reporter of learn on job of reporter Chen Chen reviews unripe king beautifuls

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May is a season that is full of romance, a lot of lovers are in the choice end love long-distance race at this moment, step into marital hall. Marriage is divine, fashionable youth also hopes to mark this special time with special form of course. This not, yesterday morning, two pairs of new personality undertook rehearse of steam ball wedding ahead of schedule in town sports center square, let blue sky, Bai Yun witness their love.

   The spot that witness

Yesterday morning 6 when, the staff member that Tianjin city flies across aviation club is punctual come to town sports center square. 3 groups of staff members undertake all-time examination works rising respectively: A group of responsible examinations heat up the integral circumstance of the balloon; 2 groups are in charge of examining the goal of steam ball bamboo that bridegroom, bride takes; 3 groups of responsible examinations, debug heating installation. Meanwhile, two pairs of new personality that preparation enters the space are in marriage of gauze of you you marriage celebrates a company to make up.

8 when whole, two pairs of new personality are in marriage celebrate a company to lead bridal spot. Right now, the staff member of aviation club already had made all preparation before steam ball enters the space. Because take hot balloon to marry not to see more, attracted a lot of passerby to surround view.

9 when 30 minutes, in the expectation that surrounds view masses, steam ball was carrying the first pair of new personality to enter the space. 0.5 meters, 1 meter, 1.5 meters, 2 meters... steam ball is in applause little the ground leaves the area, also was full of on the face of the new personality in the balloon proud with excitement, bride not the dwelling place waves the flower in beginning, bridegroom arranges the marriage gauze that is blown by wind often for the bride.

Because wind-force rises suddenly to 4 class, air man must announce to enter the space time-out, the first pair of new personality descend in the regret. And more regretful than them is the 2nd pair of new personality, after waiting nearly 30 minutes, air man announces steam ball enters the space the condition suffers be restricted, light tolerance inadequacy, the 2nd pair of new personality are forced to cancel trial flight. Fail to test-fly, the 2nd pair of new personality say magnanimousingly: "Irrespective, our wedding was held formally on June 1 surely, to in those days we taste have a taste of what is just in season again! "
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