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 high administrative levels makes up, the requirement shows stereo sense, when need hits a bottom, this seeks result of light and shade. Say simply, stereo makeup use color reasonably namely. Stereo make up be just like is canvas, stress sketch result, stress the stereo feeling of the object, pay attention to the color that uses nature, bona fide expresses those who show different color to transfer with mutual set off. Stereo make up, use picture quality, bright color, lipstick, rouge and the cosmetic of all sorts of color, adjust facial the angle of each place and distance, improve people to be opposite the impression of original facial features, make original figure more perfect.

 is stereo makeup colour cent is picture quality, bright color and strong mix colors. Picture quality, slant cold or ambiguous colour, can make the form of the object is shown small, show deep, show narrow, have the regressive, feeling that cave and narrows. When making up, use at crossing too wide, big, exorbitant place, make its get convergent result. Commonly used picture quality has: Olive green, brown, gray, Brown, blue, violet gray; Bright color, slant warm or the colour with tall lightness, make the form of the object is shown wide, show shallow, show tall, have outspread and impendent feeling. When making up, use at crossing too too narrow, low, little place, the effect that makes its get widening magnifying. Commonly used bright color has: Color of color of white, cream-colored, ivory, bright yellow, goose yellow, shallow pink, shallow blue, silvery white, silver grey; Stress quality, be called again eye colour developing, basically use at eye ministry to make up. It is OK to emphasize be being applied lubriciously make its place makes conspicuous central point. Below tie-in and suitable case, any colour can become strong mix colors.

 is stereo makeup specific means is: Use demitint first (color of skin) daub whole face. Should be in the place with protuberant face next (bone of bend of the forehead, bridge of the nose, eyebrow, zygomatic, mandible is pointed) Tu Ming is lubricious (namely light, light color) , sunken place (root of eye socket, bridge of the nose is two side, zygomatic the cheek below) besmear dark look (namely picture quality, brunet) , depth trades place should transfer equably, stress the stereo feeling of the face thereby. Sometimes to go to the lavatory simple, usable also and common color and darker than it two kinds of color end the pink of one class, common lubricious Tu Yuquan face, dark the daub end the pink of one class is in the flank of the face (take to mandible from the hair on the temples before ear) can.

 is stereo make up had better use a rod model or cream shape cosmetic. Want to achieve the skin to pledge feeling nature just calculates the United States. So, no matter be the picture quality of shadowiness effect, still be the rouge that makes complexion ruddy, should avoid to use powder model. Because arrive local cosmetic of shape of powder of quite a few is used even when making up. Repeat cosmetic of use powder shape, not easy marriage, color feels factitious also character.
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