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The bride makes up the core character that regards newly-married as celebration, bridal makeup is very important. Successful bride makeup a pair of new personality beautiful beautiful figure is revealed in everybody before, the people that makes come round to attend wedding does it exclaim delivers laudatory view. For this, we should notice the following:

1, bridal excited hard to avoid is nervous, easy and ad cool-headed dinner party also wet towel of sweet sweat of hard to avoid, so commonly newly-married makeup is used light weak oil makeup, do not make up pink as far as possible.

2, marry unlike act in a play, make up should not be too thick also should not be too weak, should accomplish proper, too thick too exaggerative and lack fidelity, too weak appear miserable again 100 and without glorious.

3, face wide person eyebrow shoulds not be fine; Face thin person eyebrow shoulds not be thick; Eyebrow of the person that carry on canthus shoulds not be curved; Canthus is flagging person eyebrow shoulds not be straight; Fat person cheek is red had shoulded not be; Thin person cheek is red should not be small; Tall bridge of the nose person bazoo and eye color appropriate are excessive; Compressed bazoo person, bazoo and look dividing line want trenchant; Eye socket is deep person the shadow shoulds not be heavy; The small hole is small dash forward person eye shadow wants proper deep; Face 100 person makeup cannot thick; The area is black person makeup cannot float; The lip is wide person quality is great more show thick, the lip is feeble person quality is great more show thin; The specified number is high person makeup appropriate is weak, cheekbone is tall person fear is great.

 bridegroom makes up the clarity that should change, natural, want to withhold the natural beauty of bridegroom namely, reflect a kind of got-up beauty again, through making up, the expression that should make the temperament of bridegroom and immanent beauty perfect comes out, want to achieve such result, had better ask professional makeup girl, note the following problems:

1, bridegroom makeup should be changed naturally, do not leave any marks. Its action basically is a got-up action.

Too 2, weak brow can be restricted in eyebrow inside delimit gently a few, break eyebrow to use eyebrow pencil to join.

Too 3, white fine facial extremely usable also shallow weak red is added hair make up for.

The bridegroom that there is green beans on 4, face can use oil makeup to be built.

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