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 change garments according to the season when, you often feel on the face dry outside, often still feel to tighten the feeling that stretch tight, more of flooey is the appearance that there still is desquamate on the face, not only the pink when making up does not have method to go up equably, makeup always also be surplus surplus. Most those who be afraid of is small microgroove uses this auspicious opportunity stealthily run.

 so, do not look down upon these skin to lack water alarm dispatch, after change garments according to the season climate turns gradually cold, when temperature and humidity begins to increase, must make good skin keep wet job, best choice maintains wet moist function a few times maintain article, timely sufficient compensatory moisture and oily cent, give skin optimal and moist with the balance, gift moist and resistance, will face the pettish skin after change garments according to the season.

 PART1 strengthens facial ministry protect wet

 is protected wet can be not just the product that keeps wet effect is provided on put on the skin enough, face the dry skin of easy generation lacking water when change garments according to the season, the likelihood should be strengthened thoroughly more protect wet.

The skin surface layer of  health is due 12 % - the moisture of 15 % , the skin with enough water content, the skin looks water mouth is become when the mouth, not only soft and smooth, feeling is to be full of flexibility more, send out young glorious. But once lack water, so besides dry and coarse outside, minor lines can be about to come out to see a person, green birdie is gone forever, but must not carelessness. This shows is protected wet it is how important, at once aspire has been done protect wet maintain.

 protects Shi Miaozhao 1 to drink enough much water, want to drink 8 dock-glass water at least everyday, besides drinking water, the fruit can not forget to eat more.

 protects Shi Miaozhao 2 wind blows insolation to be avoided as far as possible. Outdoors activity had better take muzzle.

 protects Shi Miaozhao the 3 bath face that does not use overheat, after washing a face, must use make up water complement moisture.

 protects the moist that 4 choice has Shi Miaozhao to ensure wet result high to maintain article, help skin tarry moisture directly.

 protects Shi Miaozhao 5 every week 2 - meet 3 times with your beautician, the face film that makes appliance ensures wet result comes SOS is dry the skin that lacks water.

 protects Shi Miaozhao the mineral water of 6 sparge type or protect wet moist fluid, effect is produced when you feel skin is dry. Especially in air conditioning room, toward on the face one gush, can maintain skin moist not only, still have life-giving and pure and fresh effect.

Of lip and  PART2 eye, body protect wet

The flimsy eye when  winter, lip all around, the easiest and dry lack water, if carelessly, microgroove appeared. Additional, it is very easy also that body part is in the place such as the elbow, knee, ankle after the foot dry or desquamate, can get attentive caress. Otherwise consequence is unimaginable.
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