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The skin of bronze-coloured health, sparkle below the sunshine of summer moving, again absorbing did not pass. But enter winter later, do you yearn for reply flawless white jade? Through the skin after sunshine ablution, in the winter, prevent besides what last bask in outside maintaining, make one time maintain thoroughly and be recuperated even really, will restore health and Bai Xi slowly. Complete beauty maintains in vain, can help skin have clean and transparent qualitative feeling as soon as possible.

 wants how brandish goes the shadow that Xia Qiu skin gets hurt, let skin relaxed emersion fair-skinneds in vain? If you are suntanned not only, fleck, shading also runs to see a person, so be about to take care to caress wounded skin. Because the insolation of summer makes,the Mai Laning pigment in your skin precipitates and produce spot, want to restrain stain generation effectively, desalt has splash, professional beauty is the basiccest in vain maintain.

The foundation that  beauty Bai Miaozhao 1 chooses to contain beautiful white part maintains article, morning and evening is used continuously, make sure quick response fair-skinneds in vain.

 beautiful Baimiao enrols the 2 beautician with you to discuss, according to your skin qualitative condition, suggest to choose a few outstanding effects, the professional beauty of tall function sex maintains in vain article, strengthen and quicken the United States white.

 beautiful Baimiao enrols 3 weekly 1 - 2, ask beautician to use beautiful flour film according to your state, but the skin that prompt repair is harmed by ultraviolet ray, desalt prevents stain generation, gift skin tension and moist, the most important of course is to be able to reply the Bai Xi of skin.

4 winter day prevents  beautiful Bai Miaozhao bask in cannot little, hiemal sunshine is more terrible than the summer, so, do not think the weather is cool, need not prevent bask in! Although need not open an umbrella,take a hat, but can use prevent the powdery ground that dries effect, can ensure skin does not suffer ultraviolet harm to be reached 2 times suntan.

5 food also can help  beautiful Bai Miaozhao the United States is white, feed the fruit that contains vitaminic C to wait like bizarre fruit, lemon more, make you whiter and whiter.

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