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 no matter you are ferial whether to maintain on time, in before marrying two months, new round maintain the job is about to begin. You should be in professional hairdressing center or dragon of beautiful Yan Sha, signal your wedding day, demand, by professional beautician basis your skin is detected before the result makes a marriage, maintain plan and family restore to nurse after round of plan, marriage program. Write down sincerely, two keys cannot omit: Above all, the skin of facial ministry maintains is a key of course. Because no matter be to pat,be bridal that day, the face of bridal beauty is the focus of everybody look, must maintain one time well before marriage so. Next, of the whole body it is very important also to maintain, only by inside and outside, send out naturally the skin of burnish just is the most beautiful.

 wants special attention to protect in the winter wet, because air temperature is reduced gradually, the change of temperature and humidity is bigger and bigger also, again together with stays for long inside air conditioning room, at this moment skin the easiest desiccate becomes acerbity, do not add an attention to return easy desquamate, one desquamate, besides go up not easily makeup outside, once made up a bride, the skin also can want possibly to call be unable to stand greatly and produce allergic phenomenon. So, clever brides, the deep-seated cleanness that the beautician that must abide by you makes for you defends wet plan, notice ferial fundamental conserve, light light Song Song makes sure wedding skinned water mouth is become when the mouth that day.

 is additional, bai Xi's glittering and translucent skin is qualitative, go up makeup hind more perfect, the United States maintains in vain also is to cannot treat sth lightly. Center of our major hairdressing and salon of United States colour with respect to stock a variety of safety, outstanding professional beauty is white product, through your beautician basis your skin condition is caressed attentively and repair protect, together with your ferial good convention, can reply quickly snow-white and clean transparent skin.

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