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Send bridal makeup naturally to make up key

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Above all, because bridal makeup may want a tip,go up daylong, it is good to had better use quality of a material first so absorb protect wet lacteal frostlike powder to take care of skin again, because,can avoid dry and cause makeup problem.

Behaving flawless face is must, those who had used is abiding model powdery bottom and block defect cream will hit perfect bottom makeup, choose to go up in powdery bottom colorific, had better be to mix originally by the yellow tonal pink of close of color of skin, let color of skin look natural can; And normally because of the bride the meeting on the neck takes necklace, did not forget powdery bottom wants to hit a neck so, it is a bosom even before, the place with bare back.

Attack then a quality of a material the meticulous, sweet pink that is close to with powdery impression colour, this is to maintain makeup appearance abiding do not take off makeup the most important step. When using, the puff that use honey will be sweet pink is fine fine press on powdery bottom, reoccupy honey stucco whitewashs the redundant honey on the face. Additional, resembling is bare double arm, back also can attack sweet pink. (later ask a matron of honour to help you taking this sweet pink and tool, so that fill constantly makeup use. )

The part of eye makeup, if want creation to go out abstruse the effect of large small hole, might as well the eye picture that chooses demitint department (be like: Brown, coffee) , with the means of three cascade, by shallow to deep, make movie of eye of the department that be the same as color to eye plait by eye socket, can have double-fold eyelid and big eye effect. (the evening dress that if change,differs, change eye shadow color slightly again can. )

In addition, look line and eyelash cream also is absolutely must go up makeup measure, can let an eye have a mind brightly more it seems that, be sure to keep in mind to must use the product that has waterproof effect nevertheless, because the bride always can be in,marry wept that day! Brow, choice and the eyebrow that send color to be close to are lubricious, in order to draw a natural eyebrow model attach most importance to a dot.

Cheek is red the oldest hero that is expressional bride good color, to make makeup look abiding, might as well going up cheek is used first when powdery bottom red cream, sequel again with opaque cheek red enhance ruddy result, for dash forward show stereo makeup look, can hit in two buccal top part deep monochromatic cheek is red, do not be afraid of oneself too " red " ! Can fasten the great a favourite by sb in power that forgot you are today originally!

Labial makeup part, auroral, bright red, deep pink is to denounce happy colour, to let a lip model more apparent and avoid to fall off too easily, remember to be mixed with render of labial line pen first draw the outline of a lip model. In addition, because two tactics wants to the hand that dingdong bites to become on the belt is acted the role of and plunge drop greatly, did not forget to also should give the dot on finger facial expression.
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