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Adorn dangler

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Dangler should according to the face model adorn, different face, different even hair style reachs neck, should choose different dangler.

Usually, cervical shorter wear the circular dangler that what is appropriate to the occasion of low collarband jacket matchs to wear flower design; The bride with long neck answers with growing straight hairstyle line grows plating form ear one pair; Comb the earring of diamond of type of overhang of bridal manage to make do of the tress; Bingle moonfaced bride can match egg circle or long lozenge dangler; Facial features is petite should avoid to adorn enough cover the hyperbole dangler of half face; Stay men's the bride of bingle suits to wear earring of form of white crescent moon most; Plume or when grinding arenaceous crystal dangler to adorn, must deserve to wear appropriate dress.

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