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Monsoon, how does the female make up

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Chun Xiaqiu winter, metempsychosis move back and forth, rainy season goes to us again. So, how does the female make up in monsoon?
One, the choice of cosmetic. The choice of cosmetic should label first selection with waterproof department, make you are in rain still Ming Yanjing beautiful. The attention also is needed on this explicit and tonal choice, in order to shine tonal give priority to, if shine red, bright red lipstick, bright color gives a person the sense with a kind of bright colourful Jing in monsoon.
2, monsoon makes up characteristic: It is to make up color wants bright. Lipstick Ying Xuanliang is red, rosy wait for colour; Eye shadow wants color of skin of press close to, give priority to with ash of pink, palm; Attention of beard of the line that draw an eye is fine and clear, increase the expression of the eye. 2 it is the choice end pink. Because use difficult strip makeup waterproof series cosmetic, reason should notice powdery bottom color is close to color of skin as far as possible more, and powdery bottom cannot thick, lest give a person " artificial " feeling. 3 it is monsoon makes up need " concise " , be like wash, in order to foil lip of bright eye, cherry, make delicate and charming the eye protruding that the lip that is about to drip and fresh and juicy are like a pool comes out now, shine to the person below the big setting of pluvial act gray beautiful visual concussion. (pick from " healthy now newspaper " civil / Gan Jie

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