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Simple stage of T of 5 action n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine "

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On fashionable dress show, do you often see T stage upper mould is special people is the beautiful leg with close fine fact of that one in pairs colourful admire unceasingly? You always sign deeply: "Who makes me so tall " ? That you but off base, perhaps God did not give you really one pair grows long leg, but remember please, the standard of beautiful leg standard can not be talk with accident! Resemble body of popular now model is not like reducing weight, beautiful leg ability is the fountainhead that makes you more self-confident!

${is special caress}
Particularly caress

  Beautiful leg standard: The difference of crus abdomen and ankle degree of finish is 15 centimeter about

Want to have a pair of beautiful legs, want to begin from the following respects:

One, special caress

Leg ministry skin also needs to be caressed daily maintain, clean, 3 canals issue recuperation, nutrition together. When taking the advantage of bath, undertake leg ministry clears greatly, a week is beautiful twice, grind arenaceous cream besmear is on the leg, encircle means to massage with roundlet with bathing towel, place of knee, ankle is done a few times more, reoccupy clear water is rinsed clean, exciting cell grows newlier; Bubble is in Wen Shui, light graze, knead, flap leg ministry muscle; After bath, wipe the body, latex or oil of balmy plant essence of life besmear is on leg ministry skin, knead gently with the palm, in case furrow, improve coarse skin, compensatory nutrition.

${massages strong and handsome}
Massage strong and handsome

 2, massage strong and handsome

Weight is appropriate and leg ministry is adipose more female, can buy a product that reduces function of fat, close skin, cooperate to massage, achieve goal of strong and handsome bicrural. At present new the fine system product that roll out, be in subtractive and redundant adipose while, can keep healthy again, accept lady favour quite. The active ingredient in fine system product can be helped strengthen body metabolism, purify redundant and adipose add skin flexibility, promote lymphatic loop, precaution tangerine skin organization is formed.

Specific massage means is as follows:

After bath, the crus in adipose concentration, ham is coxal even, frost of body of the fine on besmear or beautiful body frost, undertake in order to make the massage motion of small circle pressing pressing, helix shape is advanced by next upgrade, use bit of strength, especially leg ministry two side and crus abdomen, the key is massaged, can promote adipose decompose, your body toxin, trash eliminates put oneself in another's position in time outside, avoid flabby and bloated phenomenon and generation of tangerine skin organization. If be afraid of a trouble, can go to center of beautiful body fitness accepting body of the beauty that push fat to massage directly, enjoy the keep an eye on of beautician.
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