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Shopping heaven- - dare the Hong Kong of your heart desire

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Hong Kong is a shopping heaven, it is feminine heaven. Each corner of Hong Kong, a kind of thing is in the desire that teasing you to spend money. Do not know the woman that lives in Hong Kong is very happy, but wander in fashionable profusion, the sweet river of full of beautiful things in eyes is street, can't help you do not produce a kind of such daydream: Hong Kong how so sweet?

Wonderful window

The brigade that shops wildly

The person that travels to Hong Kong mostly, it is to holding shopping purpose in the arms, because Hong Kong is really,one can let a person spend the place that money consumes. Want to buy fashionable articles for use, think idle away in seeking pleasure, going to Hong Kong is a right choice really.

Hong Kong island east the heart of the area hides foothold -- , center of city of Hong Kong remote antiquity, be Hong Kong's famous vogue, became a tourist to reach the swims surely ground of Hong Kong already. There are more than 180 stores inside this center, have of all kinds most suffer category of merchandise of domestic passenger gay, include the image sound of brand of assemble world each district and newest model and digital product; Get together of newest tide of international famous brand and Japan make up reach hairdressing product; It is ground of concentration of 4 large department stores more, tide dress reachs a factory leather shoes, have everything that one expects to find; Additional, still have many female outfit underwear and characteristic present special inn.

Center of remote antiquity city still is heaven of a cate, collect all sorts of more than 60 Asias and western cate. In addition, more have rink of first true snow of Hong Kong -- , ice palace, also be the rink with harbor island the largest area, it is Hong Kong ice-skatings not less the place of example of be used to of ace. World-class sets here ice-skating the school, what elder coach offers major ice-skating groom.

When you ramble a bit tiredly, shadow of the dispatches from foreign news agency in sitting to be enjoyed may be best enjoy. Center of remote antiquity city sets the 16 luxurious places with complete particular harbor private cinema Director'sClub, initiate theater to serve new idea.

If want slow close together journey, center of remote antiquity city all places different contemporary artwork in many corners, every all by international famous artist elaborate design, for element of environmental infuse art. Additional, might as well the go to bed of park of characteristic have a rest of in the vicinity of, experience the afforest gardens breath that meets with next week, wash overworked, continue again your brigade that shops wildly.

Come all right all the way

The night of Hong Kong, flowery dream

The amorous feelings of city, the United States is in its night. Be in Hong Kong, the biggest enjoyment on the vision nothing is more... than is bristly in the nocturnal wind in beautiful warmth, cross Guo Liangli's colorful city street, stop wait-and-see and bright lights, and on the street, various advanced entrance cars are flowing like water, or Bao Shijie, or run quickly, or BMW, or Ling Zhi... the sort of wonderful sense, it is the memory that forgets hard in lifetime.
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