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How to decorate sweet fossa

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Bridal chamber - be after pointing to new personality marriage, because be the same as with family, it is the sweet nest of new personality with a room so.

New residence - it is the house that shows the new personality after marriage has him, belong to sweet 2 people world.

It is bridal chamber or new residence no matter, before marrying, should be decorated or decorate one, for the newlywed person that passes upholstery to doing not have a contact, want how to decorate oneself sweet nest, be pretty difficulty really, nevertheless, want the measure that you provide below accordingly only, one pace goes conception design, also won't do too uglily the least.

(1) hopes to reach a requirement: Follow you other in part, to living the requirement of environment and feeling is written down.
For example - like what color, the material of domestic all likes that kind, whole feels the hope is how (if like nature, day type, ou Shi, traditional or art) etc.

(2) spends bridal chamber or new residence accurately quantity dimension, come out flat picture with rule of three next.
For example - some wall measurement comes out is 800 centimeter, with scale 1: The computation of 40, namely =20 centimeter, so you give in the picture on paper 20 centimeters will show this wall point-blank, but want to notice, one but decided scale how many, all dimension later, want with same scale will calculate.

(After 3) plan has been drawn, come out a few necessary domestic all dimension flat picture with same proportion.
For example - a piece of bed is centimeter of 153 X 183 about. So with 1:4The scale of 0, the rectangle that draws a 3.9 X 4.6 comes out, above making clear is " bed " .

(After the flat picture of all of Home 4) all has been drawn, its scissor.

(Is the thing of 5) above ready? You can decide domestic all wants to put together now over there, wanted how to be put. The method is very simple, as long as cut the domestic all that come out to draw, each is put on the ichnography of bridal chamber or new residence, after can knowing to had been put about, it is what state probably, a few compare big domestic all, can look probably more, you consider placement position, put after all do not put fell.
But should notice window and door, when flat picture comes out, be written down so that represent the position of the door and window.

(All of Home 6) wants how to be placed, should add what home all and dimension to want to be in less than of how many limits, believe you understood now. What should do next is wall, want to decide to want wallpaper first, nogging or it is plaster paint. Not must complete a house is same, for example sitting room stucco, sleep room wallpaper, kitchen bathroom spreads nogging also but.
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