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Domestic feeling " last " element

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When the actual state evolution when middleaged couple love is all sorts of material way of life and habit, the aesthetic atmosphere of sexual harmony and sex, often be one of factors with most main force of psychology of drive men and women. Experiment and example make clear: The couple of the love of a pair of rare skin, the couple that in emotive wide extensive spends the love that goes up to should be compared and have skin with soft activity is differred more. So, the what element of sexual life can promote affection confluence of the couple?

One, the aesthetic acknowledge to sexual life. Answer to bring into sexual life human category above all namely, inspect it to be mirrorred for a certain flank of life consciousness, the reason dissection to the gender physiology function wants those who have the beauty to limit.

2, the denotative imagination of sexual life. The physiology function that should concern the couple namely is united in wedlock, rise to the height of photograph be in harmony of a certain level of individual character and consciousness.

3, the natural channel concerted effort of sexual life. The force of the flesh and blood of sexual confluence is the person's instinct, it passes the carnal connection that content turns, can transcend reason and language directly.

4, the summary of sexual life. Namely the calm between the couple faces sex bequeath all sorts of " technical " problem, for instance posture, climax lasts skill, climax hind is aroused before placatory dot, sex placatory etc, want to have the communication of conversational form, the local reservation that is worth each other to be reluctant to leave most comes down, make sexual state rises ceaselessly.

5, sexual life is right the state of love. The surface looks, sexual life is physiology behavior, but substantial its psychology to the couple? Acupuncture point affection? Snow contrast can have close effect, the bagatelle in a lot of daily lives and difference, before upgrading to contradict for the couple, often was dissolved by the couple is tacit and delighted sexual love.

6, sexual life is right the endurance of love. When sexual fanaticism of the couple drops, love was to suffer an effect for certain. Of love " last " the change that needs measurable sexual method for certain and piece new.

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