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Love, it is a method only, not be a purpose however

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Perhaps my all along is a child that does not conceive kindness to love.

There is a word in Bible, god is unknowable.

There also is a similar word in the Koran, a is pulled is unknowable.

In a yuan of magical religion, the god is sacred perhaps it is unknowable.

The friend ridicules sometimes, you are a too persistent to love schoolgirl, actually some moment are put down is a very comfortable thing, what you always write however is so persistent, some earlier putting down also is a kind of protection to oneself.

Sometimes love is a kind of method nevertheless, to prove the instrument of lasting existence, not be lasting the following purpose however.

Often do not know how person character says him bottom of the heart is the dampest that is feudal, do not know how to prove to common people I once had come to this world, oneself once had lived. Unripe with it is the distance that a gleam of pulls nevertheless to death.

Except has experienced not satisfactory love for many times, perhaps the manner to love I should be another a kind! Another the sense that what uses is one kind? Is the life that has didn't everything experience and experienced me can you say to be clear about? I am a common child nevertheless, the child that still can be anxious for oneself mark now and then.

Love is a method, it is the medium that invites oneself to cast off dejected life, because be born to have alive,be inferior to too much meaning, often the manner that cannot achieve what be in indifferently to an affective end, what what think in the heart is, if this can forever does continuity end that no longer are this much better?

Never end! Never begin!

Everything what I hope what I experience is some simpler.

Young love always is incomplete miscellaneous too much the thing that has nothing to do with love, perhaps prove oneself courage, perhaps appear in the crowd oneself and other people are different, the time that perhaps makes peace and tranquility weak has trifling saline taste, happy perhaps life passes be bored with etc, young love has too much it is hormonal secrete overmuch crystallization, seem a chemical response that attributes adolescence.

Because middleaged the love when, did not manacle too much in those days, all instead are to stem from the choice with him the actualest heart, everything is the order that follows the United States. Do not need before the person kiss me in person, do not need what to prove like other people, everything looks is so suitable its are natural. Everything is a kind of freedom of out heart. Those who do not have adolescence is traitorous, did not secrete overmuch hormonal.

The love of young times, it is a method only, not be a purpose however.

For him proof grown, we used the treason of a kind of more radical means choice and elder.

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