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House home: The world that makes type of a fairy tale (group plan)

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 In invariable life, whether are you tired of the decoration in the home, hope they can try as the four seasons to change. Although a lot of large furniture are bad to move, but certainly will of articles for use of a few households must follow season to ambulate at will, those who make these handiwork delicate is small adorn taste a change your tired vision, give the life the colour of the little on besmear and interest. Change a new clothes to the bedroom at once, let delicate color catharsis oneself mood.

In the sitting room in the home or living room, put 9 chic Lace (bud silk) series small decorations tries to adorn, those who add gentle and lovely, grace, romantic, melting fashionable glamour, the household that will surely be you surely increases infinite interest!

Graph What desk lamp day and night blinks is new colour Graph Multipurpose is acted the role of those who taste is vivid and without be short ofImprint in the sea cloth art come or flow together the cloth of Ni of nice musical sound of 2 buildings inside art inn, filled up with the desk lamp with bud silk gauze or the doll with the curtain of filar cloth, lovely bud, rich color is acted the role of article, still have play sundrily art, like Western-style lamp, basket, store content box... bring romance and surprise to the person. In the home porch place puts the looking glass with lacy silk of one side bud, before going out, comb orderly, already beautiful practical. The makeup that sees that drape appearance the box acts like a spoiled child to you in sweet ground. The lamp with lacy silk having bud is acted the role of reflect luxuriant amorous feelings, suit to be put in the sitting room most, match especially the sofa of cloth art. The bud silk here is Western-style chimney is energy industry is made, every seem to have something made to order personally in the quantity palace formal attire, erect lamp acts the role of it may not be a bad idea to be like the noble that should playing palace ball, such lamp is acted the role of grace for the sitting room many. Take the home with not as small as me the world

Introduce according to merchant Mr Lu, so these decorations are in Japan, Korea is popular already period of time, just just appear in Guangzhou recently, so everybody feels to compare novelty, its design is original and handiwork is very delicate, extremely the reception that gets white-collar public figure. Because these decorations all are,import from Japan, Korea, the price relatively this locality goods wants expensive, wait to hundreds of yuan curtain from ten yuan small decorations. Silk of the bud inside inn is acted the role of in tasting cent high-grade two kinds, high-grade cloth should be compared of course in the respect such as feel, design, quality intermediate more get the better of one prepare.
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